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Modified cassava flour processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of cassavacassava root
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Modified cassava flour processing machine

   Modified cassava flour (Mocaf) is a product derived from cassava. It uses the principle of modifying cassava in fermentation and has unique characteristics, so it can be used as a food ingredient. Compared with ordinary cassava flour, modified cassava flour can replace wheat flour for various food manufacturing. Preliminary experimental results show that because gluten is similar to wheat flour, rice and other starch materials,


Therefore, it can be used as a raw material for various foods such as noodles, bakeries, biscuits and semi-moist foods. The advantage of Mocaf is that its aroma and flavor are better than ordinary tapioca flour, and it is whiter, thinner and less fiber content. In addition, compared with wheat flour or rice flour, its price is relatively low.

The traditional processing method of artificially modified cassava flour is:

Manual cassava peeling and washing-sliced into thin slices-immersed in water for fermentation-fermented cassava slices are crushed and sieved to separate fibers-squeezing dehydration-natural drying-grinding-modified cassava flour

However, it is well known that manual processing is difficult to achieve large-volume processing, and the quality of the Mocaf produced is also unstable. As a professional manufacturer of cassava processing machinery in China Henan Sida Company, our engineers have combined manual Mocaf processing to design a modern automatic Mocaf process, and the machines used are all reliable. The following is the process flow of the cassava flour processing machine and

Improvement introduction:

1. The improved cassava flour processing machine used includes a cassava cleaning and washing machine. Dry sieves are used to remove dirt, sand and stones or any other impurities mixed with harvested cassava tubers. Then use a paddle washing machine to further clean the cassava tubers to remove deposits and impurities on the surface of the cassava, while peeling the cassava tubers.

2. The improved cassava flour processing machine is a cassava chopper, which is used to cut cassava tubers into small pieces, and then immerse them in water for fermentation. As for the fermentation device, you can build your own fermentation tank, or our company can manufacture stainless steel fermentation tanks for you.

3. The improved cassava flour processing machine is a crusher. The cassava sharpener is an efficient crusher. Due to the centrifugal force, the blade and the clamping device are thrown to the outer edge, and then the cassava is ground by filings and teeth. If you want to produce high-purity improved cassava flour, it is best to use wooden files. The crusher has large crushing capacity, strong production capacity, uniform product size, low energy consumption and simple structure

Single, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, and high toughness.

4. The improved cassava flour processing machine is slurry desanding. The cassava slurry is pumped into the cyclone de-sanding machine to remove fibers, fine sand and other impurities according to the difference in gravity.

5. The improved cassava flour processing machine is a dehydrator. The plate and frame filter press is a dehydrator that uses pressure to remove liquid from liquid-solid slurry. The plate and frame filter press is the most basic design. This filter press consists of many plates and frames, which are alternately assembled with a pair of rail supports. When the separation chamber is full, the filtration process is stopped due to the optimal pressure difference. Solid retention

In the space between the plates, until the plates drain the filtered solids. After processing with a plate and frame filter press, a wet Mocaf (modified cassava flour) cake can be obtained with a moisture content of about 38%.

6. Crusher: The dehydrated modified cassava flour will become a compact cake shape, which is not convenient for drying. Therefore, the modified cassava powder cake was crushed with a hammer mill. In the industrial production process of the modified cassava flour processing machine, the hammer mill can also use other types of crushers.

7. Dry. The flash dryer is the last modified cassava flour processing machine used to make modified cassava flour. Because the flash dryer adopts a negative pressure and cooling system, and has a fully sealed structure, it is guaranteed that the modified cassava flour will not be lost during the drying process, and the factory workshop can be kept clean, and the modified cassava flour can be completely dried. After drying, the moisture of modified cassava flour is


12%-14%, in line with market standards.

8. The improved cassava flour processing machine is a vibrating screen. The dried modified cassava flour is sieved with a flour sieve to obtain uniform fineness and high-quality products. The machine can also further siev the fine fibers of the modified cassava flour.

Finally, packaging. Pack cassava flour into bags for sale.

In summary, the improved cassava flour processing machine designed and manufactured by the company is automatically operated and is processed from fresh cassava tubers, ensuring that the modified cassava flour food produced is of high quality, good whiteness, uniformity and fineness , Can be widely used in various food production.

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