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Potato flour processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : flour production of potato
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Modern equipment for potato flour processing

potato flour is widely used in people's daily life for making bread and cakes. With the increasing demand of potato flour, the potato flour processing equipment is much more important to produce high quality final product.


The modern potato flour processing equipment adopts wet technology. After harvesting, fresh potato tubers need washing, peeling, milling into pulp, dewatering, breaking and fine milling, high quality potato flour drying, sieving and packaging. Compare to the traditional potato flour processing technology, the modern equipment for potato flour processing includes: potato paddle washing, potato cutter, potato rasper, plate and frame filter press, flash dryer etc. let me introduce you about these machines more details:

potato paddle washing machine is different design with the one used in potato flour processing line. It is designed in a special structure with one chamber in water and another without water, which will make potato in a dry friction state and ensure more than 90% peeling rate of the second layer.


potato cutting machine: before rasper, the modern potato flour processing equipment normally should match a cutting machine, which will cut potato into 3cm~5cm small pieces. With the cutter machine, it will reduce the power consumption and increase the service life of rasper blades.

Rasper is also essential for modern potato flour processing equipment. Because of high quality potato flour fineness requirement. If using the normal hammer mill, it is very difficult to meet the standard.

Plate and frame filter press is to dewater the potato pulp into potato flour cake with around 40% moisture which is very important to control the moisture. So, normally we will match the fully automatic Diaphragm plate and frame filter presser. It don’t need manual work to operate it repeatly.

Flash dryer is the key and modern equipment for wet method potato flour processing. Because the outside pressure is higher than pressure inside the heating pipe. Our flash dryer adopts the negative pressure system which avoids the potato flour leaking phenomenon. At the same time, the negative pressure system will reduce the power consumption.

The above machines are main modern equipment for potato flour processing. If you are interested in setting up a factory with wet technology potato flour processing, you are welcome to contact our project manager online to get more details.

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