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fufu flour processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of cassavacassava root
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fufu flour processing machine

   Fufu is a fermented wet paste made from fresh cassava tubers. It is made by soaking whole cassava or cut and peeled cassava roots in water to ferment for two or three days, then dehydration and drying to obtain fufu. The fermentation time depends on the ambient temperature. In order to produce high-quality fufu powder, the fufu powder processing machine includes a complete set of washing and fermentation machines, fufu powder processing machines and dryers.

Conveying and cleaning parts:

   1. When the production starts, the roots of cassava will be taken out from the raw material storage platform by a shovel loader and enter the hopper. The cassava feeding hopper is designed with a vibration device to ensure that it will not be blocked during feeding.

2. Transport the fresh cassava to the conveyor through the hopper. In this fufu flour processing machine, the cassava roots are dropped evenly on the belt of the inclined belt conveyor, where the stems and branches are picked out, and the woody tissue of the cassava roots is manually cut off. Impurities and peels can be removed directly, which is an important basis for processing high-quality fufu flour.

In the cleaning area, the fufu powder processing machine can remove the stems, branches and sand mixed in the cassava roots.

3. When the cassava enters the cassava washing machine, the skin and dirt on the cassava root will be removed. This fufu flour processing machine is designed to remove the outer skin of cassava to reduce the load on the next machine.

Tapioca Fufen Processing Section

The cassava fufu powder processing machine in this section includes cassava shredder, cassava grinder, plate and frame filter press, different screw conveyors, hammer mills, etc.

  After peeling the cassava, use a cassava cutter to cut the peeled cassava into small particles and directly transport them to the fermentation tank. After fermentation for about 6 hours, the small cassava tubers are directly transported to the cassava machine.

To ensure that the fufu flour with better fineness is of very good quality, it must be matched with coarse flour. For this fufu flour processing machine, cassava can be ground at high speed to produce meat, and the ground cassava is finer.

After obtaining the pure fufu flour, use a screw pump to pump the milk into a plate and frame filter press for dehydration. The moisture content after dehydration is about 40% to 45%. The dehydrated cake should be crushed by a hammer mill to make it dry.

Cassava Fufu Flour Drying Department


The wet fufu cake is dried in a flash dryer. The heating source of the flash dryer can be steam or hot air. The wet cassava fufu flour is heated and dried by hot air, and then steamed out. After drying, the moisture content is about 12%. Moreover, this fufu flour processing machine adopts a negative pressure system, which can save more energy for customers.

After the cassava fufu dry powder is dried, the collected cassava rot dry powder is transported to a vibrating screen, and then the coarse particles are sieved. The sieved cassava fufu powder is transported to the hopper for storage, cooling and packaging according to customer requirements.

The above is the fufu flour processing machine mainly used. The company has been engaged in cassava deep processing machine for decades. Our fufu powder processing technology is advanced. Welcome your consultation on fufu powder processing machine.

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