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yam flour processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of yamyam root
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yam flour machine manufacturered mainly include yam cleaning machine, paddle washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, plate & frame filter press, hammer mill, flash dryer, vibration sieve and packing machine.


yam Flour production machine flow process chart

1. yam cleaning and washing

yam cleaning machine: it is used to remove outer dirt and impurities of yam. In yam flour machine, yam cleaning machine can remove surface impurities and some peels of yam.

Paddle washing machine: after removing some surface impurities of yam by this yam flour machine, yam will be transported to paddle washing machine. The machine adopts counter-current principle to wash yam. yam will flow in the counter direction against water, then the yam will washed cleaner by our yam flour machine.

2. yam crushing

yam rasper: rasper can crush yam with better effect. Rasper has features of modern design, compact structure, high speed and high rasping coefficient. Comparing with other yam flour machine, there is no peeling machine in the process. Because rasper has high efficiency and extraction rate, it can make up the weakness of hammer mill. But if you need, we also can manufacturer the peeling machine for you.

cassava starch machine.jpg

machine of yam flour

3. yam flour dewatering

Plate and frame filter press: it is an effective type of dewatering equipment. At this time, yam mush will be dewatered by the machine. The machine is designed with integration of machines, electricity and liquid, which can realize automatic pressing with high degree of automation. It is an significant machine in yam flour machine.

4. yam flour cake crushing

Hammer mill: it will used in the step to crush yam flour cake into pieces so as to dry yam flour easily. This type yam flour machine is easy design and easy operation.

5. yam flour drying

Flash dryer: in yam flour machine, flash dryer as the yam flour drying machine is necessary. The machine adopts negative pressure and cooling system. The whole drying process is completed in an instant, so the degradation and deterioration of yam flour do not exist. The technical parameter of whole process is strictly controlled according to the theoretical calculation which ensures the physical and chemical indexes of final starch after drying.

6. yam flour sieving and packing

Vibration sieve: it is used to sieve yam flour of yam flour machine, then the final product will be finer and be removed some sand and other things. In the working process, different size particles and powder materials could be separated continuously by the sieve through screen in various mesh. It is an efficient yam flour machine.

cassava flour processing machine.jpg

yam flour processing machine

Automatic packing machine: the finished product will be packed by automatic packing machine. You can use the machine to pack different size of yam flour bags.

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