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How to remove oil powder when producing cassava starch using a cassava starch processing machine?

How to remove oil powder when producing cassava starch using a cassava starch processing machine?

For the production process of cassava starch, oil powder is a common quality issue, which is formed by non starch components such as cassava cells, proteins, and oils that are not completely removed during the cassava starch treatment process. The presence of oil powder can affect the viscosity and cohesion of starch, reducing its quality and market value. Therefore, reducing or removing oil powder is a very important step in the production of cassava starch.


The raw material of cassava not only contains a large amount of starch, but also a small amount of protein, fat, pectin, fiber, vitamins, and phenolic substances. After crushing cassava, screening and removing the residue will remove the potato residue and coarser fibers. Small molecule impurities such as protein, pectin, fat, pigments, phenolic substances cannot be separated from cassava starch through simple filtration equipment. These substances mixed with cassava starch slurry are oil powder.

Just like sliced apples and potatoes in daily life that oxidize and turn black, they are caused by pigments and phenolic substances. If the protein, pectin, fat, pigments, phenolic substances, etc. mixed with cassava starch slurry are not removed, the processed cassava starch will have a yellow, gray, and low quality, which will affect the quality of the starch product.

How to remove oil powder from starch slurry? There are two common methods for removing oil powder from starch slurry, one is the traditional sedimentation tank sedimentation method, and the other is a more excellent cyclone separation method.

1. The sedimentation method of the sedimentation tank is to store the cassava starch slurry after removing the potato residue in the sedimentation tank, and let it settle naturally for 12-48 hours. Due to the different specific gravity and low mass density of starch and protein, fat, pectin, pigments, etc., these substances will gradually float above, and cassava starch will settle at the bottom of the tank, forming a clear layer, and discharging these turbid water containing oil powder, You can obtain relatively pure cassava starch. However, this oil powder removal method consumes a long time and is susceptible to external environmental interference. The oil powder separation is not thorough, and the discharge of sewage can also cause certain pollution.

2. Cyclone separation is the use of centrifugal force and density differences between oil powder and cassava starch. The oil powder is separated from other impurities through centrifugal back flushing, and the cassava starch slurry is concentrated and separated through an 18 stage cyclone to obtain a pure cassava starch slurry with a concentration of 20-23 Baume degrees. The entire separation process can be completed in less than a minute, without the need for human assistance throughout the process. The processing capacity is large and efficient, and the pure cassava starch slurry obtained can be directly dehydrated and dried, with high whiteness, low ash content, and high starch quality!

It is still necessary to process cassava starch and remove the oil powder from the starch slurry, which can greatly improve the quality of the starch product. If you want to improve the quality of starch and efficiently remove oil powder from starch slurry, you can contact us, and we can provide you with solutions to your problems. At the same time, we have multiple models of starch equipment and single machines in our factory, which can be inspected at any time.

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