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Automatic potato starch production process machine and potato starch manufacturing equipmen

Introduce automatic potato starch production technology and potato starch production equipment

   Potato starch is a starch extracted from potatoes. It is a very refined starch and contains very little protein or fat. This is also very expensive compared to tapioca starch, corn starch and wheat starch. Now more starch factories choose potato starch production equipment to use potato starch automatic production process to make potato starch. Next, we will mainly introduce


Shao fully automatic potato starch production process and potato starch manufacturing equipment.

Automatic production process of potato starch:

Fresh potato cleaning area-potato starch processing area-final potato starch drying and packaging area.

Potato starch production equipment:

Dry screen-rotating washing machine-coarse screen-centrifugal screen-fine screen-hydrocyclone station-vacuum filter-flash dryer-starch screening machine-automatic packaging machine-centralized control system.

Quality index of potato starch automatic production process:

Physical and chemical indicators: The moisture content of the final potato starch is less than 18%. Of course, if customers have higher requirements, we can customize suitable automatic potato starch production equipment for you.

Starch quality index: pure white, no lumpy starch, fine, no odor, no sand, no other impurities. The whiteness of the produced starch-our potato starch automatic production process can reach more than 92%, which is conducive to sales and has high economic benefits.

Safety and quality indicators: The automatic production process of potato starch is standardized, and the indicators such as bacteria and coliforms meet the national food standards. Pathogenic bacteria cannot be detected, and the food packaging (or vacuum packaging) is not leaking or damaged.

Compared with manual operation, the automatic potato starch production process has many advantages:

Using the automatic potato starch production process to produce potato starch will achieve twice the result with half the effort. -Our potato starch production equipment adopts multi-stage cleaning, crushing, slag removal and purification, impurity removal and other automatic potato starch production processes, which are beneficial to improve the whiteness, purity and fineness of potato starch. -We use sealed processing technology, potato starch

The whiteness of the finished product can reach more than 92%. Jinrui's automatic potato starch production process uses a rapid dryer during the drying process of wet potato starch. The rapid dryer adopts instant drying principle and negative pressure drying system, which can not only complete the drying within 1-2 seconds, but also has a high heat exchange rate. The moisture content of the finished potato starch is less than 18%, and the negative pressure system can be controlled Loss of raw materials, thereby increasing starch production.

However, when using traditional manual operations to produce potato starch, if there are high requirements on the quality of the finished potato starch, a lot of manpower, material resources and time will be required. When performing the two steps of extraction and drying, they are easily affected by other factors. During the extraction process, it is not sealed, it is prone to browning reaction, resulting in potao

The finished starch is of poor quality. Also in the drying process, it is easily affected by weather and other factors.

-The potato starch manufacturing equipment produced by our company is made of stainless steel and is in contact with potato raw materials, starch milk and wet starch. At the same time, potato starch is processed very quickly, and the processing process is completed before reacting with air, which can ensure the quality of the final potato starch. The automatic potato starch production process is a suitable choice for large-scale potato starch production.

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