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Cassava starch making production plant

Cassava starch making production plant


The technical press of cassava starch in cassava starch making production plant are as follows:

Step 1: Raw material transportation and cleaning

The harvested cassava is firstly transported to the storage ground in cassava starch making production plant. Then it is transported by belt conveyor to the dry sieve to remove stone, weeds, leaves and other debris of cassava.

Step 2: Cassava washing

Together with cleaning, washing has an important influence on the subsequent processing. Therefore it is required to clean and wash cassava thoroughly to guarantee high quality starch.

tep 3: Cassava grating

In cassava starch making production plant, this step determines the starch yield. Grating serves to breaking the structure of cassava to achieve the purpose of releasing free starch. The more free starch, the higher starch yield. potato rasper is a high efficient machine with cassava grating rate more than 94%.

Step 4: Starch and residue separation:

Using centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve to separate fibers out of starch slurry. In cassava starch making production plant, this is also a key step for starch extraction. Multi-stage centrifuge unit is adopted for better effect.

Step 5: Starch slurry desanding

Starch milk is injected into the desander through the starch pump to remove inorganic impurities such as mud and sand. It endures the taste of starch.

Step 6: Concentration and refining

In cassava starch making production plant, protein and other organic and inorganic impurities need to be removed by hydrocyclone station. potato Company adopts 18 stage cyclone group for three purpose: concentrating, refining and recycling. The whiteness of cassava starch is guaranteed in this step.

Step 7: Dehydrating

Peeler centrifuge is widely used for dehydrating in cassava starch making production plant. After dehydrating, the moisture content is about 38%-40%.potato siphon type peeler centrifuge can improve production capacity by 50% and reduce water content to 36.5%.

Step 8: Drying and packing

The drying step follows dehydrating to dry starch to the desired quality. By adopting negative pressure drying, the whole process is completed in seconds in cassava starch making production plant. And this flash dryer is also equipped with cooling system to ensure the moisture uniformity of cassava starch.

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Cassava starch production plant
Cassava starch production plant

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