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Cassava starch processing machinery

Cassava starch processing machinery-manual way extracting starch from cassava in ghana-partners for cassava production in liberia- processing cassava peels into starch flour animal feeds

The following is a detailed introduction of these tapioca starch processing machines:


Cassava starch processing machinery

1. Dry sieve: The machine is named after the cassava cleaning section and cannot use water. During this process, the drum rotates continuously to filter out leaves, slag and other impurities. Large capacity, will not destroy the original cassava.

2. Paddle washing machine: This machine adopts paddle type rotation to make the cassava and water in the paddle washing machine tank produce unfavorable movement, and fully clean the surface of the cassava without destroying the cassava.

Dry sieve and paddle washing machine used in the cleaning section of tapioca starch processing.

3. Shredder: Most fresh cassava has a larger size. The function of this shredder is to cut the cassava into small sizes for the next process of the cassava starch processing machine.

4. Paper shredder: Different from the traditional hammer crusher, this paper shredder can completely destroy the cell wall and fiber structure of cassava and release the starch in the cassava more thoroughly. The latest and advanced design improves the utilization rate of raw materials and the final production capacity.

A cutting machine and a knife grinder used in the crushing section of cassava starch to obtain a starch slurry with a higher starch content.

5. Centrifugal sieving machine: Use starch that is insoluble in water and heavier than water to screen and separate impurities from starch slurry.

6. Fine fiber screen: As the name implies, this machine is used to further screen starch slurry to remove fibers.

7. Desander: This machine is also used to clean starch slurry to obtain pure starch slurry to ensure that the final starch has a higher quality.

Centrifugal screening machine, fine fiber screen, desander, these three tapioca starch processing machines are used for the screening and cleaning of tapioca starch slurry to obtain pure starch slurry without fiber, fine sand and other impurities.

8. Disc separator: separate starch and water in one stage, reduce the working pressure of hydrocyclone, and improve starch quality.

9. Hydrocyclone station: Wash the starch slurry to completely remove protein and filter the starch from the starch slurry.

Disc separators and hydrocyclones are used in the concentration classification and purification process of starch slurry.

10. Vacuum filter: adopts vacuum working principle to filter out starch in starch slurry. After this process, the water content of starch can be less than 40%

11. Air dryer: The principle of airflow drying starch increases the water content of starch to 12%-14%, making the starch reach the first-class standard.

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