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Hydrocyclone starch refining for starch processing

Hydrocyclone starch refining for starch processing-Hydrocyclone separator for starch-cassava sweet potato yam tapioca starch production machine manufacturers

Hydrocyclone separator for starch is the machine usually used for separating the fine fiber, protein and cell liquid from tuber crops. In order to ensure the quality of starch production, Henan Doing company offers a range of processing machines for the flour, starch and starch by-products industry. Apart from supplying conventional solutions for extracting root crops and the drying of starch, we offer highly efficient and novel processes for the side-streams, thus turning all of the raw product components into valuable products.

Hydrocyclone starch refining application:

For continuous separation, concentration and washing for potato starch , cassava starch , sweet potato starch , wheat starch and other grain (rice) starch and modified starch in the starch production line, and clarification and washing of suspension in other food and the chemical industry.

Design Features of hydrocyclone starch refining:

(1) . The whole set hydrocyclone starch refining shell and tube are all made by 304 stainless steel; the cone is made by the wear-resistant engineering plastic;

(2) . The sealing of the hydrocyclone starch refining only using three O-ring, quick-opening doors connected with hinges and quick-replacement flow tube plates; it can be very easily to achieve through the front door without any tools and equipments;

(3) . The hygienic-class pipeline valve, the system runs fully closed, CIP can be cleaned easily;

(4) . The manual operation points of hydrocyclone starch refining are few and the working pressure is stable which can realize the PLC centralized control;

(5) . The whole set hydrocyclone starch refining has light vibration and low noise, the continuous separation is high efficiency, stability and low-water consumption.

Our main experience covers potatoes, cassava, yams, sweet potato and corn. Especially the finished product-starch, we have been working on better product of Hydrocyclone separator for starch many years. Then we established perfect cooperation with Henan University of Technology and have undertaken a number of large-scale engineering projects and technical service at home and abroad. Besides, we have professional installation team and rich experience to ensure the stable operation of all projects. Doing company focuses on development of new products and technology. 

Hydrocyclone separator for starch in developing the operations from low value-added by-products into high value-added products. Our company is committed to the development of current technological solutions. With the aim at increasing the utilization rate of by-products and increasing the profit rate of the whole factory, Hydrocyclone separator for starch enabling starch producers to become more profitable by releasing the profit potential lying in the by-products from potato or the cassava processing. Complete solutions are offered for proteins (both for feed and human use), cellulose and the conversion of waste water into commercial fertilizer raw materials.

The application of the Hydrocyclone separator for starch:

1. It is used in automatic starch production line washing, refining, clarification and other processes to separate protein, fine fiber and soluble impurity, so as to improve the quality of starch.

2. It is used to replace the flow channel and sedimentation tank in traditional starch processing, to improve the processing efficiency, reduce manual labors and improve the quality of starch at the same time.

3. Used for liquid - liquid, solid-liquid separation. Different combinations can independently complete the starch, modified starch, food, medicine, fermentation and chemical industries such as separation, washing, clarification, concentration, such as screening unit operation tasks.

Our activities cover all the project phases. We have the ability to act as a provider of complete turnkey work. We can also provide complete solutions including Hydrocyclone separator for starch.

Application of hydrocyclone starch refining

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Corn starch production line

5.  Wheat starch production line

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