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Price of 4TPH cassava flour processing plant project in Tanzania

In 2017, the French customer visited the Kaifeng Star Company to order a tapioca flour processing machine. He requires that the moisture content of the cassava flour produced is 14% and the sand content is low. Therefore, the Kaifeng Star Company engineer introduced to him our latest cassava flour processing plant technology, which omits the cassava peeling process and directly crushes cassava with high-efficiency cassava flour. With this technology, the cassava flour produced is finer and of higher quality. Therefore, he was satisfied with this technology, and by comparing with many manufacturers, he found that our machine is very cost-effective, so he directly signed a contract with us.


In February 2018, all machines were packaged and delivered to Tanzania. About two months after the transportation and customs clearance process, the machine arrived at the factory site.

After the delivery, the customer team discussed with our engineers the workshop equipment layout and basic drawings, and started the construction of the cassava flour processing plant. They found a local construction company to complete the civil works, and at the same time our team of engineers was sent to guide the installation work.

In 2019, the cassava flour processing plant project installed by Kaifeng Star was opened in Tanzania. The project of this cassava flour processing plant uses Kaifeng Star's latest wet processing technology to produce high-quality cassava flour directly from fresh cassava tubers. About 4 tons of cassava tubers are input per hour, and the factory can produce 1 ton of cassava flour per hour. The plant is running well, working in two shifts, and can produce 20 tons of cassava flour per day.

This cassava flour processing plant project was invested by a French customer. He owns nearly 6000 hectares of cassava plantations in Tanzania. Considering that the profit of directly selling cassava is very low, he wants to build a cassava processing plant. He knows that cassava flour has been widely used in the food processing industry, so he plans to build a cassava flour processing plant and sell high-quality cassava flour to European countries for more profit.

During the machine manufacturing process, the customer came to our factory again to check the equipment before delivery.

It takes about two and a half months from the day when our engineer team arrives at the factory to the completion of the installation of the entire cassava flour processing plant project. After our engineers came back from the Spring Festival holiday, they completed the equipment debugging work.

Now, the cassava flour processing plant is functioning well, the cassava produced is of good quality, and has been recognized by his European customers.

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