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What are the factors for establishing cassava starch production plant

What are the factors for establishing a cassava starch plant-cassava starch production line machine manufacturer

If you want to establish a cassava starch processing plant, you need to consider many reasons, such as whether the raw materials can meet the needs of the starch plant you want to establish, whether the site can meet the power and water needs, etc. Cassava starch processing plants belong to the category of agricultural product processing industry. Their site selection must follow strict specifications, support the concept of sustainable development, and take into account multiple key factors such as transportation convenience, water availability, power stability, and site size.


Close to cassava supply: The site should be close to the cassava planting area. Sweet potatoes contain starch, pectin, protein, etc. If cassava is stored for a long time, the starch in cassava will be converted into sugar, resulting in a decrease in starch content and extraction efficiency. Being close to the raw material site can not only shorten the transportation time, but also effectively control the logistics cost.

Transportation access: The site selection should be convenient for logistics, close to the main road or highway to ensure the rapid input of raw materials and the smooth output of finished starch, directly to the sales market.

Adequate water source: The site selection of cassava starch processing plant is close to the water source to ensure sufficient and clean water supply. A large amount of water is consumed in the process of cassava starch processing, and cassava starch processing belongs to the agricultural product processing industry. The processing water must meet the standards of drinking water quality. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the problem of sewage discharge.

Adequate and stable power supply: The power supply in the starch plant should be sufficient and stable. The processing of starch in the factory is completed by machine operation. Once there is a power outage or the power is unstable, the cassava starch being processed will stop. If the time is too long, it will cause the material to deteriorate, which will not only affect the processing progress but also cause certain economic losses. Therefore, the production of cassava starch processing plant needs to maintain a sufficient and stable power supply to avoid power outages.

Plant size: The size of the plant should also be considered when choosing the site for a cassava starch processing plant. If an automated cassava starch processing machine is used, it only needs to be operated in a closed workshop, which takes up less plant space.

If you want to build a starch processing plant, you need to consider some of the factors mentioned above, as well as other local factors.

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If you want to establish a cassava starch processing plant, you need to consider many reasons, such as whether the raw materials can meet the...

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