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market prices of automated component for cassava processing machines

On August 1, 2019, two customers from Ghana visited SIDA Company for the second time to inspect and buy cassava processing machinery. They want to buy our cassava starch processing machine.

They had visited SIDA company in March this year, when they mainly went to China to learn about the cassava processing machine manufacturers. They went to different manufacturers to investigate their equipment processing strengths, cassava processing technology and equipment prices of different manufacturers. After comparison, they found that we SIDA's factory strength is strong, cassava processing technology adopts advanced European technology, especially the newest cassava flour processing technology. Besides, by comparison, they thought our equipment cost performance is relatively high, so they keep in touch with us all the same. And after months preparation, they decided to our factory again to inspects equipment and buy cassava processing machinery.

1)Cassava flour. Cassava flour is a product obtained from cassava after washing, peeling, crushing, dehydrating and drying steps. One of the main uses of cassava flour in Nigeria is to replace wheat flour for baking products.  cassava flour, especially high-quality cassava flour produced by using complete set of automated equipment, is in great demand in Nigeria. In addition, HQCF is also an important industrial raw material, which can be used to produce glucose syrup, industrial alcohol, adhesives, etc., and is also in high demand internationally. The advantage of cassava production and processing in Nigeria of flour making is that it can be sold both in Nigeria and in the international market. The price of cassava flour is higher than that of garri and the profit is higher than garri. However, the investment in cassava flour production in Nigeria is higher than that of garri, and it is necessary to have a factory as a processing site. Therefore it is suitable for medium and large investors.


cassava starch processing plant

2). Cassava starch. The processing technology of cassava starch is the most complicated. It is made by washing cassava and grinding it into slurry, removing fiber, protein, and other impurities to get pure starch and then dehydrate and dry it to get desired quality cassava starch. Cassava starch is an important industrial raw material widely used in food, non-food industries such as food, textile, paper, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and it is in great demand in international market. China is the country that imports the most cassava starch in the world. The advantage of cassava production and processing in Nigeria for starch production is that and the export demand is huge, the price of cassava starch is high, and the profit is high. At the same time, the investment in starch is also the highest, and the equipment price is relatively high. In addition, it is necessary to have enough plants for starch production. Therefore, it is suitable for large-scale investors with high budgets.


cassava flour processing plant

One of the customers is the chairman of the cassava starch plant, and the other is the most professional engineer in their factory. The first day they mainly wanted to discuss the details of their cassava starch plant renovation with our engineer. Their cassava starch plant has been in operation for about 10 years, many machines need to be replaced, in addition, they want to further expand production. After understanding these details, our engineer specifically discussed with them about which devices need to be replaced and which devices need to be updated. Considering that after ten years of development, the current cassava starch process and equipment are more advanced. Our engineer also designed the latest technology based on their available equipment, which not only replaces the unavailable equipment, but also eliminated some of the outdated equipment. What's more, our engineer also designed new equipment location maps based on their workshop drawings to ensure the location of the new equipment is reasonable. As an experienced engineer in the production of cassava starch and plant operations, the customer's engineer also recognizes the new solutions designed by our engineer.

In addition to the professionalism of our engineer, the customer also learned that we completed an upgrade project for the tapioca starch factory in Indonesia in the last year. We also showed customers in detail the comparison of pictures before and after the renovation of the Indonesian factory. Thailand's customer and the engineer are very confirmed by our strength. So after visiting our factory and inspecting our equipment on the second day, the customer signed a contract with us.

In fact, the upgrade of the old cassava starch plant is not easy. Many details need to be paid attention to. The supplier needs to have sufficient strength and experience. In addition to the manufacture of the new machine, the construction work of the old factory is not easy and needs to be redesigned and built. However, SIDA Company has professional engineers and project transformation experience, which can provide you with the best solution according to your needs.

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