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how to start a cassava processing company

Start production from cassava or starch

When producing vermicelli from potato raw materials, it is necessary to separately configure cassava starch processing equipment to process cassava into starch first, and then use vermicelli to produce vermicelli. However, cassava starch processing has a certain timeliness, because cassava starch will be lost during storage, so it is recommended to process directly after harvesting.

Fully automatic cassava starch production line, with high degree of automation, high starch extraction rate, high cost performance, low energy and water consumption, can effectively reduce production costs. The automatic vermicelli production line has low energy consumption, high production capacity and high cost performance, and has become a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their equipment!


1. Production Overview

Cassava deep processing This article introduces the processing of starch, vermicelli, vermicelli and vermicelli by cassava, mainly because our Ruyang Machinery Factory has produced such equipment since 1982 and has been engaged in the research and manufacture of potato starch deep processing equipment. Experience and equipment applications are accumulated through long-term experience.

2. Matters needing attention

The selection of cassava starch deep-processing equipment should be based on local conditions, the area on which cassava is planted, or the area that may be developed for planting, personal financial capacity issues, and sufficient power and water sources. Note that cassava belongs to seasonal processing. It is generally excavated before and after frost. The processing season can last 30-45 days, and small processing is generally around 15-20 days. The reason is that the fresh potatoes used for beating cannot be stored for too long. The extraction rate of saccharification of cassava starch that is too long is reduced, followed by softening of the cassava skin, which is not easy to crush. Starch processing and vermicelli processing are divided into two parts. Cassava processing is seasonal. Vermicelli processing should be processed after the starch processing is completed. The expected starch storage should be completed during the processing period for processing vermicelli.

For the primary processor, if the funds and local cassava planting area allow, a set of corresponding large-scale equipment can be provided. The complete set of starch parts requires a large amount of processing, part of the starch is selected for drying, part of the wet storage, and the dry is used for storage and sales It is used for processing vermicelli vermicelli by ourselves. The vermicelli part should choose the size of the equipment or reduce the production cycle according to its own sales. Suggestions for users who have no market: The first year of processing should be based on the sale of starch, the starch sales market is large, but the profit of selling starch and vermicelli is lower, but the sales of vermicelli in the first year will not be too much. Obviously, the main purchase may be the nearby farmers or simple packaging to do the promotion work, the vermicelli sales and customers are accumulated by time. Honesty is the foundation, quality is survival, people are precious, and small customers will also bring big sales.

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