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process of industrial production of high fructose syrup

process of industrial production of high fructose syrup


Glucose, also known as dextrose, is an indispensable carbohydrate for human beings. It is the main source of heat energy, the most important basic product of starch industry, and an important raw material for medicine, food and related industries. Glucose is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch milk under certain conditions. In the process of preparing glucose, some impurities such as protein, fat, fiber, pigment and salt will directly affect the quality of glucose.

In this traditional glucose production process, filter AIDS should be added when the saccharifying liquid is transferred to the drum or the plate frame for filtration. In the decolorization process, activated carbon should be used as adsorbent for absorption and decolorization. In the fixed bed process, regenerating agent consumption is high, the raw material consumption is large, the production cost is high, and it is easy to cause pollution to the environment.

In order to improve the process of glucose production, ceramic membrane/membrane membrane filtration + continuous ion exchange desalting technology was adopted.

Compared with the traditional process, this process not only reduces the production cost, but also can realize continuous automatic production. It is a brand-new energy-saving and cost-reducing clean production technology.

Use of membrane separation technology of ceramic membrane/volume is used to remove the fat in the saccharification liquid, macromolecular impurities such as protein, fiber, pigment, after sugar liquid crystal clear membrane filtration, the filtrate pervious to light reaches more than 97%, eliminates the traditional process of activated carbon decoloring process, at the same time, it can greatly reduce the front filter aid dosage, save the production cost;

Using the continuous ion exchange technology instead of the traditional fixed bed technology, can save more than 70% resin, save more than 40% of the amount of regenerating agent, save more than 60% of the amount of washing water, greatly reduce the production cost and environmental pressure of waste water;

The pharmaceutical grade glucose was prepared by using nanofiltration technology instead of the traditional crystallization centrifugation process.

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