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Corn starch processing plant

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of cornrice
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Corn starch manufacturing plant

Corn starch manufacturing plant introduction:


Corn starch processing plant

70% starch production used corn as raw material. Corn starch production with high economic benefit, raw materials easy to obtain. Morden corn starch processing plant use water  with a closed loop, the recycling rate of dry material in 


corn has reached 99%, and the loss of 1% is also included the dust of raw grains.

Following is the production process of our corn starch processing plant:

1. Corn storage and purification, remove dirt and sand.

2. Corn steeping to get corn thick liquid, then dewatering and pufification to get corn liquid include dry materials more than 40%, then these corn steep liquor can used to make starch.

3. Corn crushing, wet corn crushing for extracting the 20%-25% corn starch.

4. Used drill pointer to fine crushing corn pieces, extract the corn starch maximum.

Corn starch processing (Corn starch processing plant)

(1) Purifying: Before going to storage bin, pre-purifying is done to eliminate big and small foreign substance, which will be sent to germ cake collection section. The rotary screen placed beside the storage bin, has de-stoning and de-

dusting functions. Purified corn is then sent to steeping section.

(2) Steeping: Counter current steeping principle is adopted to make corn become soft in steeping tank. Acid is heated and remains about 50℃ when circulating in all tanks. Dipped corn is pumped to crashing stage.

(3) Sulfurous acid making: Sulfur is burned in furnace, getting SO2 gas, goes to absorbtion tower with china rings. Water is sprayed down, mixed with rising SO2 gas to get sulfurous acid.

(4) Crash and germ separation: Steeped corn is sent to 1st germ mill from wet corn storage bin. Crashed corn is pumped into 1st germ cyclone and screen to separate, and then goes to 2nd mill for further crush. Germ goes to 2nd germ 

cyclone, and then the light will be back to previous tank.

(5) Finely milling and fiber wash, dewater, drying: In pin mill, the degermed corn is multi--strongly crashed to remove fiber off. Fiber is sent to multi-stage washing screen for recovering the balance starch. Cleaned fiber goes to 

squeezer for dewatering then goes into bundle dryer for drying to mix with corn slurry for making animal feed product. 

(6) Protein separation and starch washing: Starch milk goes to primary separator for gluten separation. Cleaned starch goes to 12 stages hydro cyclones for final washing to remove the tiny foreign items. 

(7) Starch dewater and drying: Fine starch milk is dewatered by peeler centrifuge, the starch is sent to air flow dryer for making dry starch product in which moisture should be less than 14%. The finishing product is wrapped up through 

the packer and shipped out. 

(8) Germ washing, dewater, drying, extraction oil and oil refinery: Germs from cyclone go to gravity arc screen for washing, then to squeezer for dewatering. Washed germs are sent to bundle dryer. Dried germ is fried and extracted then 

oil is filtered. Coarse oil is gotten at the end.

(9) Gluten concentration, dewater, drying: Gluten is concentrated by air floating vessels then goes to vacuum filter for further dewatering. Dewatered gluten goes to bundle dryer for making gluten meal product.

(10) Processing water recovery and steeping liquid evaporation: Corn steeping liquid is sent to evaporator for concentration then goes to fiber bundle dryer mixed with fibre to get animal feed. Process water from concentrator, dewater 

machine which contains SO2 and some insoluble material, can be used again to the whole system such as steeping and washing.

A Highly Advanced Machinery for the Corn Starch Processing!

The prime objective of our company is to deliver the people the most effective and intuitive agro-based solutions, including the robust machinery for carrying out these processes. One such technique is the corn starch processing.

With an enormous experience in this industry, we are the global leader in manufacturing the machinery that are of the standardised quality and fits within the budget completely.

If you are a business owner who is in a search of the equipment that is result-driven and offers the convenient solution for initiating this type of processing, then our corn starch processing plant set up is the final call that has the 

potential to do every step (from purifying to the processing) in it without any hassle.

Our machine is loaded with a number of features that make it to be super-suited for this process and these are listed below:

· Easy to maintain

· Zero complexity in operating

· Highly durable

· A great design

· Smooth performance

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