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Potatoes starch processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of potatosweet potato
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The whole potato starch manufacturing process can be divided into the following part:

Potato cleaning, washing, crushing, starch screening, desanding, concentration and refining, dewatering, drying and packing.

The accordingly potato starch manufacturing equipment includes the following:

potato starch production machine flow process chart.jpg

 potato starch manufacturing 

Dry sieve, rotary washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, desander, hydrocyclone station, vacuum filter, flash dryer and automatic control system.

1. Dry sieve for potato cleaning process

Dry sieve is the first used potato starch manufacturing equipment which is mainly used to remove cassava peel, soil, sand and other debris. This equipment adopts multiple inner spirals design so that it can effectively push potato forward in the cleaning process. It features with simple structure and low power consumption.

2. Rotary washing machine for washing process

Rotary washing machine is a high efficient potato starch manufacturing equipment widely used in washing process of potato material, especially in the full set production of potato or sweet potato washing. By adopting the countercurrent washing method, this equipment can effectively wash away the soil, dirt and other impurities attached to potato. It features with reasonable feeding and little damage of raw material(less than 1%).

Potato starch manufacturing equipment.jpg

Potato starch manufacturing equipment

3. Rasper for potato crushing process

Rasper is the key potato starch manufacturing equipment in potato starch production line, for it determines the starch yield. This equipment takes use of the impact force produced by high speed rotating to crush potato, so that the starch particles in the cell wall of potato can be freed, thus to achieve the extraction starch from potato. This machine introduced advanced Sweden SKF bearing and Germany Optibelt, and the crushing rate can reach up to 95%.

4. Centrifuge sieve for potato starch screening process

Centrifuge sieve is also an important potato starch manufacturing equipment which is used for separating fibers out of starch slurry. The quality of the screening machine directly affects the recovery rate and quality of the starch. It has the features of compact structure, reliable performance, good screening effect and long service life.

5. Desander for potato starch desanding process

Desander is a potato starch manufacturing equipment used for remove sand out of starch slurry so as to improve the taste and quality of potato. It works according to the principle of gravity separation. The equipment is easy to use, which can reduce the sand content of starch to below 0.3%.

6. Hydrocyclone station for potato starch concentration and refining process

Hydrocyclone station is the potato starch manufacturing equipment used for separate insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities from starch. Potato starch processing line normally adopts 14 stage(can be customized according to demand) hydrocyclone separator. The primary purpose of the first two stage is to concentrate starch. The primary purpose of the next 12 stages is to refining the starch for subsequent use. The hydrocyclone pipe is made of strengthened nylon. It features with computer designed internal structure, elegant and compact.

7. Vacuum filter for potato starch dewatering process

Vacuum filter is widely used for starch dewatering in medicine, food, chemical engineering and other industries. In potato starch production line, its main function is to reduce water content of potato. The vacuum filter utilizes negative pressure to achieve the purpose of dewatering. This potato starch manufacturing equipment has the features of great dewatering effect, stable water content of wet starch and easy operation.

8. Flash dryer for potato starch drying process

The flash dryer is an starch drying machine used in potato starch production line which mainly dry the starch to the meet the market standard. It mainly takes use of high speed hot air to dry starch. This potato starch manufacturing equipment can operate continuously which has the features of high degree of automation, short drying time, high efficiency and good quality starch products.

9. Automatic control equipment for potato starch processing

The automatic control system includes MCC operation cabinet, OCC control cabinet, LCB cabinet and matched CCTV monitoring system. These potato starch manufacturing equipments are mainly used for control and monitor the whole potato starch production line.

Potatoes starch processing machine.jpg

Potato starch processing machine

This above is the entire introduction of potato starch manufacturing equipment. 

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