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Cassava processing machines in china

When we process cassava into cassava flour. It needs cassava cleaning section, cassava flour processing section, cassava flour drying section etc.

The main cassava flour processing machine includes: Hopper, belt conveyor, dry sieve, cassava peeling and washing machine, cassava cutting machine, rasper, dewatering machine, hammer mill, flash dryer and sieving machine and so on.

1. Determine the capacity for cassava flour processing machine

The most important factor which affect the cassava flour processing machine price is capacity. Obviously, The bigger the capacity, the more expensive of the cassava flour processing machine. Capacity including: 2t/h, 4t/h, 8t/h, 12t/h and even more. Normally we will fabricate the machine according to your requirements.

Normally, there are involved in cassava cleaning section, cassava starch processing section, final cassava starch drying section and packaging and the control section in cassava starch processing machine. All are necessary. But some steps can be finished by manual work, if you have a little budget. For example, cleaning section and peeling section can be made by manual work. We can dry the cassava starch with solar energy and use the weighing scale to replace the automatic packaging machine. It will save lots of funds for investors.

Also we have home use cassava starch processing machine for your choice.

It depends the processing technology you choose. Normally, according to the material balance, processing 1 ton cassava starch needs 4 tons cassava. Now sida company adopts the European technology which has 95% extraction for cassava starch processing.

The following is an introduction to complete set cassava starch processing equipment.

Dry sieve: This cassava starch processing equipment is used for clean cassava, it runs smoothly when working, without breaking raw cassava. By removing large debris on cassava, it can reduce the burden of cassava washing machine and meanwhile save waters for cassava washing machine.

Paddle washing machine: This is a paddle type washing machine, the cassava is wahshed by the stirring of this cassava starch processing equipment and the flushing of water. It is designed with reasonable material feeding method, which ensures cassava can be washed throughly and thus ensures high quality cassava starch.

The garri processing machine is used to pack garri into bags for sale or storage. Commonly used garri packaging machine include fully automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine. The automatic packaging machine can realize the whole process of bagging, packing, sealing and conveying automatically, while the semi-automatic packaging machine needs manual assistance to add bags. Then the device automatically weighs, fills, transports and seals the package.

asper: Adopted international advanced technology, rasper is a cassava starch processing equipment that can fully grate cassava to release cassava starch. It has excellent rasping rate than most of cassava grater in the market, which is a guarantee of high starch yield.

Centrifugal sieve: Up to now, there are mainly two types of centrifugal sieves in the market, that is, the vertical type and horizontal type. The vertical type has high speed and high centrifugal force, which can separate starch and slag in high efficiency. The horizontal is relatively low in efficiency and gradually replaced by vertical one.

Fine fiber sieve: This is a cassava starch processing equipment used to faciliate centrifugal sieve to further remove fine fibers contained in starch mesh. Its screen mesh is thinner, thus ensure fine fiber can be removed.

Hydrocyclone system: To get rid of residue impurities in starch mesh, mainly protein. By removing protein, cassava starch has white color so that cassava starch can be sold well.

Peeler centrifuge: This is a cassava starch processing equipment for starch milk dehydrating, the dewatered starch milk has a water content of 38%-40%.

Flash dryer: Air flow flash dryer is commonly used for starch drying process. It is designed according to the feature of cassava starch, so that it can dry starch with high efficiency.

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