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Introduction of Potential cassava starch industry and cassava machines

Introduction to cassava starch production line:


1. Machine export can be adjusted in any direction according to different customer requirements.

2. Screen tube is free of blockage, high efficiency.

4. Easy operation and maintenance, low noise and low energy consumption

5. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food grade.


The cassava starch production line is based on the advanced processing technology of Europe, based on the basic equipment of sida agricultural products in kaifeng. Meanwhile, based on the development status of starch industry in China and its strong r&d and operation strength, the company keeps making breakthroughs and innovations.After years of improvement, more and more into the machining process.

Tapioca starch production line using wet processing technology, professional mature process, advanced equipment, especially without any additives to ensure the processing process of tapioca starch environmental protection and green and healthy final products.The wet processing technology can also be used for starch processing of potato, sweet potato and other potato vegetables.


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