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Mechanization of cassava harvest

At present, the common digging cassava harvesters can be divided into two types. The main difference between the two is the degree of disturbance to the soil. The first type has a low degree of disturbance to the soil. Representative models include the P-900 double-line cassava root harvester produced by Brazil Planti center, the SMDP 2 LM cassava root harvester produced by Brazil IKEDA and the TSM 2MII cassava root harvester. Machine, 4UMS-390Ⅱ / 4UMS-900 / 4UMS-1800 type cassava harvester developed by Institute of Agricultural Machinery, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, 4UM-2 type cassava harvester developed by China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science.


SMDP 2 LM Cassava Harvester

There are many domestic enterprises producing mining-lifting chain cassava harvesters. This model is mainly composed of racks, excavating components and rod-chain soil-cassava separation components. This model has better separation effect for the vibration lifting chain model. During work, the digging shovel digs the potato block and the soil at the same time, and transports it to the lifting chain. The lifting chain shakes while conveying the soil potato mixture backward. After that, the bare ones were laid on the soil surface and then picked up manually.



Cassava combine harvesters have been researched and applied in some foreign countries. China's cassava plantation plots are small, the terrain is rugged, and the operation of large-scale combine harvesters is difficult. At present, no cassava combine harvester has been applied in China.

WH-CM4000 cassava combine harvester produced by Brazil HENNIPMAN company is towed by a 103kW tractor. Before work, the excavating shovel and the lifting chain are lowered by the hydraulic system. The digging shovel digs the soil and potato mixture and conveys it to the rear to vibrate the chain to separate the soil and soil. Then it is conveyed back to the working platform by the conveyor belt. The chopper separates the potato stalks manually. After cutting, the cassava roots are transported and bagged. After being filled, the cassava roots are released to the ground without stopping. The continuous operation is achieved throughout the process. Two rows of cassava roots are harvested at a time. / h.



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