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cassava processing machine in china starch machine

cassava processing machine in china cn starch machine-cost of setting up a cassava processing machine


cassava processing machine in china

China cassava processor starch machine-cost of setting up a cassava processor

The first meeting with the customer was in March 2019. After visiting our factory and discussing technical details with our team of engineers, the customer was very satisfied with the fineness of the final tapioca flour. According to the characteristics of cassava, a new process of separation of slurry is adopted in our company. In this way, the extraction rate of our company can reach 95%. After that, he showed willingness to cooperate.

all the best. When the client returned to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we started to draft the contract. In August 2019, we signed the contract.

One month after the contract was signed, that is, September 25, 2019, our company delivered these small tapioca flour processing machines on time. The next step is to expect the client's project to proceed smoothly.

"Fast and efficient" is our aim. The pursuit of "timely delivery, emphasis on after-sales" is the way to success for our company. If you are interested in small or large tapioca flour processing machines, please contact us. Looking forward to working with you for your sincere cooperation!

Main machines of cassava processing machine: cassava cleaning machine, cassava conveying machine, cassava vermicelli machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava crushing machine, concentration and refining machine, starch vacuum dehydration machine, starch dryer

Concentrated and refined:

The starch milk from the centrifugal sieve enters the 16 stages of the refined hydrocyclone, and fresh water enters the cyclone from the end of the system. First, the starch milk is pumped into 3 concentration units to remove water, and then the condensed starch milk is passed to the next 13 washing units, and the overflow is passed to the other 2 recovery units to recover the starch. Most fiber-containing wastewater is discharged outside the process and only a small portion is returned to the process water system. Finally, during the production of potato starch, the condensed starch slurry is pumped into a starch slurry storage tank.

Vacuum dehydrator

During potato starch production, the starch slurry is pumped into the feed tank of a vacuum filter. The vacuum drum then adsorbs the starch on the drum surface, and the filtrate is transferred out of the system by the filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled by the peeler and transferred to the air dryer.

Air drying unit: After dehydrating the potato starch production process, an air dryer will dry the starch to the moisture required for commercial starch.

Screening and packaging unit: The starch is sent to a dry starch sieve, which is used to separate the coarse starch and fine starch particles in the potato starch production process. The fine starch then enters an automatic packaging machine or into a temporary storage tank to wait for packaging.

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cassava starch machine cassava machine


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