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30TPH Potato Starch Processing Plant Project in Henan China

30TPH Potato Starch Processing PlantProject in Henan, China

The following is a 30 ton/hour potato starch processing plant project. Kaifeng Starch provided potato starch processing machines and installed them. The installation of the project was completed within 26 days and all the equipment is currently running well.


   The potato starch produced by the customer is required to meet the food grade standard. Our engineers suggested to design a set of the most advanced machines according to the customer’s needs, including a dry screen, a cage washing machine, 3 files, 5 centrifugal screens, and a hydrocyclone system , Vacuum dehydrator, air dryer, starch screening machine, packaging machine, transfer tank, etc. All our equipment is closed

The system is connected to the starch processing plant through stainless steel pipes to ensure good equipment performance and a clean and hygienic environment in the plant.

  Because the customer's potato starch processing plant is located in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, near our plant. And because of the equipment and processing technology of tapioca starch, potato starch and sweet potato starch are very similar. So we usually attract customers who want to build a cassava starch factory or a potato starch processing factory and sweet potato starch usually go to the factory of this factory to see the actual operation.

Potato starch processing equipment.

   One of our customers from Chongqing, China bought a set of our company's sweet potato starch machine, the factory and established a sweet potato starch processing plant in Mexico, if you are interested in starch processing plant projects, you are welcome to contact our sales manager.

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