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Cassava crushing machine - cutting machine, file mill, a magic weapon to improve the yield of cassava starch!

Cassava crushing machine - cutting machine, file mill, a magic weapon to improve the yield of cassava starch!

The yield of cassava starch is the key to the revenue of cassava starch processing plants. For the same ton of cassava, the more cassava starch is harvested, the higher the revenue and profit. In fact, the yield of cassava starch is closely related to the degree of fragmentation of cassava. The purpose of cassava crushing is to destroy the cell wall of cassava as much as possible, exposing the starch particles to the maximum extent possible. The greater the degree of fragmentation, the more starch will be extracted in the subsequent starch extraction section. The two-stage crushers we use in the crushing stage of cassava starch processing - cutting machines and file mills - can greatly crush cassava, improve the yield of cassava starch, and increase the revenue of your starch processing plant!

We have updated and improved the crushing stage based on customer feedback on traditional crushers in the market, improving the incomplete crushing situation of traditional crushers. Considering that cassava tubers are mostly long blocks, we have designed a two-stage crushing method to complete the crushing of cassava tubers. The first stage uses a segmented machine for pre crushing and cutting into small pieces, and the second stage uses a file mill for thorough grinding and grinding to form a pulp, which largely frees cassava starch particles from the cell wall.


Primary crushing - cutting machine

The cutting machine is widely used in the pre crushing treatment of crops such as cassava, cassava, sweet potato, kudzu root, etc. It uses a combination of dynamic and static knives to cut materials into blocks using dynamic and static friction. The blade is made of food grade stainless steel material, which is durable and has a large number of blades, and can efficiently complete the cutting treatment of raw materials.

Secondary crushing - file mill

There are many saw blades on the drum of the file mill, which can grind the raw material of cassava under the high-speed rotation of the drum. The speed can reach over 2000 revolutions per minute, and there is a two-way grinding. There is a screen under the drum, and particles smaller than the screen after crushing will enter the discharge port through the screen. Particles larger than the screen will continue to be grinding inside the equipment until they reach a certain size and are discharged through the screen, ensuring the high crushing degree of cassava.

The two-stage crushing method combining a cutting machine and a file mill can efficiently crush cassava raw materials and improve the extraction rate of cassava starch. We have various models of cutting machines and crushers in our factory. If you want to improve starch yield, please contact us and arrange for a one-on-one project manager to provide you with professional problem-solving solutions!

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