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What is the reason for the low yield of cassava starch processing

What is the reason for the low yield of cassava starch processing? How to increase cassava production?

The trend of cassava starch processing is approaching again, and all starch factories are fully prepared to seize this season's cassava starch processing season. Prior to this, we received many inquiries from starch processing bosses, stating that our own cassava starch processing factory has low production. The same season, the production of cassava starch during the processing period is much lower than others, and the efficiency is not high, resulting in low profits for the starch factory. After 13 years of experience in the starch processing industry, it can be seen that the low yield of cassava starch processing is mainly related to the variety and processing technology of cassava. cassava with high starch content and excellent and complete processing technology can be selected for cassava starch processing, effectively improving the production of cassava starch processing.

Cassava variety

There is an ancient poem that goes, "When an orange grows in Huainan, it becomes an orange, and when an orange grows in Huaibei, it becomes an orange." Different regions and varieties of cassava production have significant differences in the starch content of cassava, such as steamed and roasted edible sweet potatoes and starch processed cassava. However, the cassava starch processing industry naturally chooses starch type cassava for processing, and the starch content in high starch type cassava has reached 30%, Compared to other cassava varieties with a starch content of 10% -20%, cassava has a higher flour yield and natural yield. At the same time, we also suggest that starch processing manufacturers choose high starch varieties of cassava and also choose fresh cassava for processing. Avoid using cassava with a longer storage period. If the cassava is left for a long time, exceeding 20 days, the starch in the cassava body will be converted into sugar, which will also reduce the starch processing yield.


Processing Technology of Cassava Starch

The processing technology of cassava starch is also the main factor affecting starch production. Currently, there are traditional processing processes and automated processing processes. The traditional processing process is manually operated, using natural sedimentation in sedimentation tanks and acid slurry method to extract cassava starch. The processing method is not perfect, the degree of crushing is not high, the sedimentation and filtration efficiency in sedimentation tanks is low, and outdoor drying is easily affected by environmental interference. The starch extraction rate is also relatively low. Compared to traditional processing techniques, the automated cassava starch processing process is more complete, using Europe's excellent wet processing technology and dual crushing with a cutting machine and a file mill to ensure a high cassava crushing rate and the full release of starch. The purification section is equipped with an eighteen stage cyclone group, which integrates concentration, refining, and washing functions, with low consumption, ensuring the starch yield of the entire cassava starch production line and greatly improving starch production.

The yield and quality of cassava starch are key to the profitability of the entire starch processing plant. Choosing high-quality starch based cassava varieties and equipping them with excellent and well-equipped cassava starch processing equipment can effectively increase starch production and improve starch processing efficiency! We have been developing and manufacturing cassava starch equipment for over 13 years, and have accumulated rich experience in starch processing. If you have any questions about starch processing or have plans to establish a factory to purchase starch equipment, please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with suitable solutions! Plan, welcome to contact us, we can provide you with a suitable solution!

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