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What machines are included in the cassava starch production line

What machines are included in the cassava starch production line

Our cassava starch production line includes cleaning equipment such as dry sieves, drum cleaning machines, crushing equipment such as cutting machines, file mills, filtration and purification equipment such as centrifugal sieves, desanders, cyclones, dehydration and drying equipment such as vacuum dehydrators, airflow dryers, packaging equipment such as rotary vibrating screens, packaging machines, etc. The entire production line equipment adopts automated configuration, and each link is interconnected. The cassava starch extraction rate is high, and the processing efficiency is high!

1、 Cleaning equipment

The cleaning process before processing is an important step. Fresh cassava usually contains sediment and weeds, which need to be cleaned and removed. The quality of cleaning directly affects the finished product. In the cleaning process, we are equipped with cleaning equipment such as a dry sieve and a squirrel cage cleaning machine. Two stage cleaning, combined with dry cleaning and water washing, can effectively remove impurities such as sediment on the surface of cassava, achieving a cleaning effect and ensuring the quality of processed starch products.

2、 Crushing equipment

The purpose of crushing is to fully crush and crush cassava. The greater the degree of crushing, the more starch is released, which is related to the extraction rate of cassava starch. In this stage, we are equipped with a cutting machine and a grinding mill, which are two-stage crushing. The cutting machine performs cassava pre crushing, and the file mill rotates at high speed to grind the pulp to obtain completely crushed cassava pulp. Compared to the commonly used hammer crushing, it has higher efficiency and better effect, with a crushing rate of over 98%.


3、 Filter extraction equipment

The cassava slurry obtained after crushing needs to be screened, deslagging, and purified through filtration equipment, slag removal equipment, and purification equipment to obtain pure cassava starch slurry. In this stage, we are equipped with a centrifugal screen, desander, and cyclone. The principle of centrifugal sedimentation using a 4-5 stage centrifugal screen is used to separate cassava residue and starch. Then, the mud and sand in the starch are removed through a desander, and impurities such as protein and fiber in the starch slurry are removed through an 18 stage cyclone to obtain pure cassava starch.

4、 Dehydration and drying equipment

We are equipped with a vacuum dehydrator and an airflow dryer for starch drying during the drying process. The refined and purified cassava starch is transported to a vacuum dehydrator for dehydration to obtain about 38% of cassava starch. It then enters an airflow dryer and is dried using the principle of negative pressure drying. The entire drying process is short, the starch is dried evenly, and the moisture is accurately controlled.

Vacuum dehydrator, airflow dryer

In addition to the above equipment configurations, our cassava starch production line is equipped with a rotary vibrating screen for starch grade screening after starch drying. According to the requirements for starch, it is then packaged directly using a packaging machine.

Our cassava starch processing production line has reasonable and precise configuration, high working performance, and high starch extraction rate. If you plan to use the cassava starch production line, we can customize the design plan according to your production and processing needs. We have multiple models of equipment prototypes in our factory, and we welcome factory inspection!

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