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Why do we need to remove sand after multi-stage cleaning when processing cassava starch?

Why do we need to remove sand after multi-stage cleaning when processing cassava starch?

In the cassava starch processing process, the processing of cassava into starch generally requires 3-4 levels of cleaning, followed by sand removal. Many beginners preparing for starch processing are puzzled. Why does cassava need to undergo sand removal after multi-stage cleaning? Is it due to inadequate cleaning during the cleaning process? In fact, after cleaning, the process of sand removal is to reduce the impurity content of starch, reduce the ash content of starch, and improve the whiteness of starch. Let's provide a detailed introduction below.


In the process of processing cassava starch, cassava first undergoes at least three levels of cleaning. Dry cleaning is carried out through a dry sieve to remove soil and weeds on the surface, followed by a drum cleaning machine to remove sand and stones. Then, a stone machine is used to remove stones that have not been cleaned in the first two stages to prevent damage to the equipment caused by entering the crushing equipment. After these levels of cleaning, the cassava raw material has met the cleaning requirements and can be directly crushed to obtain cassava starch slurry. Some starch factories here directly refine and purify starch, but this treatment is not precise and the resulting product may turn yellow and crack.

Due to the fact that the surface of cassava is not smooth, there may be some sediment in the gullies. It is difficult for the previous cleaning section to remove this sediment. If the sediment is not removed from the cassava pulp, it will result in a high ash content in the produced cassava starch product. Therefore, it is necessary to use a specialized sand removal equipment - a sand remover to filter the starch slurry, and use the principle of centrifugal separation to remove the sediment to obtain a more delicate and white cassava starch, You can also buy a better price in the market.

So, during the processing of cassava starch, it is very necessary to remove sand after cleaning, which can reduce the ash content of the starch, improve the whiteness of the starch, and improve the quality of the starch! We are a manufacturer of cassava starch processing equipment with ten years of experience in equipment manufacturing and project management. If you want to establish a starch factory or improve starch quality, our professional team of engineers can provide you with factory suggestions and problem-solving solutions. Welcome to contact us!

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