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Concept note on production of cassava flour

Concept note on production of cassava flour - flow chart for the production machine of cassava flour

Cassava meal is made from the roots of cassava plants, a shrub native to South America. Roots can be processed into cassava pearls, cassava sticks, cassava chips and cassava flour. Cassava flour is one of the most popular thickeners, yes. It thickens at low temperatures and keeps its consistency during freezing, making it easy to use in many recipes. Cassava flour thickens very quickly, sometimes it can be used to correct the thickness of sauce before eating! After talking about cassava flour, let's talk about cassava flour factory. What does a cassava flour factory have? Yes, equipment!

Next, we will introduce what equipment cassava flour processing line has in cassava flour factory. The processing line needs the following five steps.

Step 1. Cassava cleaning and washing: Cassava flour mills usually use two dry sieves and paddle cleaners, which can thoroughly clean cassava. We all know that cassava is bigger than other potatoes. The main function of dry sieving is to remove impurities such as soil and sand mixed with cassava. The paddle blade scrubber mixes cassava with water to fully remove the soil on the surface of cassava.

Step 2. Cassava crusher: Different from traditional hammer crusher, cassava crusher has better crushing effect. Because cassava crusher is used, cassava flour mill does not need peeler. The liquid obtained after crushing by the crusher through desalination and dewatering process can ensure that the finished cassava powder is non-toxic, of good quality and of better taste. Of course, we can also produce cassava peeler for you.

Step 3. Desanding: Cassava powder liquid is removed by special desanding machine, and clean cassava powder liquid is obtained in cassava powder factory to ensure that the finished cassava powder tastes good and white.

Step 4. Plate and frame filter press is used for dewatering. Plate and frame filter press is an effective dewatering equipment. Used for various solid-liquid separation. Press filters are suitable for large-scale filtration plants requiring high automation or centralized control capability.

The whole machine of cassava flour mill adopts mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated design, which can realize the functions of automatic pressing, filtering, drainage, pressing and loosening. It has high automation, large production capacity, small filter cake and high output. The water content of cassava flour is less than 40% after using the frame.

Step 5. After air-drying, the water content of cassava flour will reach 12% - 14%, meeting the requirements. Air dryer is an ideal choice for flour production enterprises in cassava flour mills in China. Then the cassava powder is sent to the sieving and packaging process.

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