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Price Of Cassava Flour Processing Plant

Cassava Flour Processing Machine - Price Of Cassava Flour Processing Plant - Tapioca Flour Processing Flow Chart

To know the price of cassava flour processing plant, the first choice is to know which machines are included in the cassava flour processing machine set.Cassava flour mill plant consists of cassava cleaning and washing section, cassava crushing, cassava dewatering, cassava drying and cassava flour sieving and packing.

Section 1. cassava cleaning and washing of cassava flour mill plant

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Cassava first will be transported in dry sieve. Then the machine will help remove some peels and impurities of cassava. Then cassava will be washed by paddle washing machine. The paddle washing machine will rotate its paddle to wash cassava with water. Usually, the two machines will remove most of cassava peels. And the section saves a lot of labor.

Section 2. cassava crushing of cassava flour mill plant

Those which have been cleaned will be crushed by rasper. Compared with other crushing machine, the rasper has a high rasping coefficient. This cassava crushing machine can crush cassava into a kind of mush, and has a high extraction rate. It's worth to say that our new cassava flour production plan don't need the cassava peeling machine adopted, because of the rasper machine better crushing effect, and in the cleaning and washing process, there are some part of the peels can be removed. By the way, if you request, we also can manufacturer the cassava peeling machine to you, below is our cassava peeling machine:

Section 3. cassava dewatering of cassava flour mill plant

After crushing, cassava flour will be dewatered by plate and frame filter press. Usually, for a large cassava flour mill plant, this machine will used. However, for a small scale cassava flour mill plant, hydraulic filter press will be used. The two machine has a same function.

Section 4. cassava drying of cassava flour mill plant

Then cassava flour will be dried by flash dryer. The machine adopts negative pressure system and cooling system, so it can dry cassava flour in a short time.

Section 5. cassava flour sieving and packing

Cassava flour will be sieved by vibration sieving machine. The machine has different screens with different sizes, so the machine can screen some big size cassava flour and some sands. And the fine cassava flour will be got, and the cassava flour has a high quality, and the white color degree is also high. Then those cassava flour will be packed by automatic packing machine.

So cassava flour mill plant mainly includes dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, plate&frame filter press, flash dryer, cassava flour sieving machine and automatic packing machine.If you need quotation of cassava flour processing machine, please contact us. You can contact us by email and message on the website.

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