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How to choose a starch dehydrator

There are mainly two types of starch dehydrators for starch slurry dehydration. One is a vacuum filter, and the other is a peeler centrifuge. Different starch dehydrators are very different. So how to choose a starch dehydrator? It depends on the following things.

1. Scale of starch processing plant

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that larger starch processing plants use automatic continuous peeling machines to ensure the quantity and quality of starch. A small starch factory can choose a vacuum filter because it is very easy to move and economical and practical.

2. Investment cost of starch plant

According to the customer's financial status and budget, if the customer has a larger budget, you can choose a peeling centrifuge, if the customer has a smaller budget, you can choose a vacuum filter. Whether it is a peeling centrifuge or a vacuum filter, the function is the same. The difference lies in the moisture content of the dehydrated starch. The moisture content of the vacuum filter is 40%. The moisture content of the peeler centrifuge is 36.5%.

3. Application of final starch

1) The required high-quality starch should be centrifuged with a peeler.

2) When final starch is used in special fields such as cosmetics, peeler centrifuge must be used.

3) Starch is used in high-end food industry, it is best to choose peeling centrifuge. The final starch of ordinary food can choose vacuum filter.

4) For the final starch used in medicine, a peeling centrifuge should be selected.

5) Vacuum filters can be used for final starch in paper mills, bear factories, plastic bags and other industries.

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