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Home use mobile cassava starch processing machine

Household mobile cassava starch processing machine and potato starch processing machine

Home mobile cassava potato starch processing machine is mainly composed of cassava potato cutting machine, cassava potato cleaning machine, kapok, cylindrical sieve, etc., used to extract cassava potato starch. The hydrocyclone station 

will purify the starch, and finally get dehydrated cassava potato starch cake. If you want to dry the cassava potato starch, you need to dry it in the sun. Or you should install a fixed cassava potato starch quick dryer.


With these advantages, what kind of person is suitable for owning this kind of home mobile cassava potato starch processing machine?

1. The budget is limited. Those people want to process tapioca potato starch with a small budget. These people can choose this type of movement.

2. Farmers with limited cassava potato planting area can also use this small mobile cassava potato starch processing machine for farm work.

3. People who want to rent machines to farmers in the village. People can take the machine to different places, and then help different farmers to process cassava potatoes into starch, and then collect rent for profit.

This household tapioca potato starch processing machine has many advantages.

1. Mobile, all these cassava potato starch processing machines have wheels. No matter where you plan to move the machine, it is feasible.

2. Easy to operate. The input of cassava potatoes is controlled by manual operation. If there is more labor, you can load 2 tons of fresh cassava potatoes per hour, but if it is less, you can load 1 ton of fresh cassava potatoes per hour. That is based on you.

3. The machine cost is lower. The Asava starch processing machine has a small capacity and does not require an automatic control system. Therefore, it makes the total investment lower.

4. Low energy consumption. Including water consumption and electricity consumption.

Of course, if you have other questions about the small household mobile cassava potato starch processing machine. Welcome to contact sda company, we are happy to help you build a small cassava potato starch processing plant. The mobile 

cassava potato starch processing machine is a very small plant that is very popular in the African market. Because of its small capacity and easy operation, it can also be used at home.

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