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Potato starch processing machine manufacturer supply

Potato starch processing machine

  Potato Starch (Potato Starch) is obtained by washing clean potato powder, filtering, sedimenting, and drying the resulting sediment. It can be used as a thickener. Potato Flour is also commonly referred to as potato starch. Don't confuse the two. Although it is not as thick as cornstarch for thickening, but in some baked goods, it can protect

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Hold moisture. Potato flour is heavier than cornstarch; potato flour still has the taste of potato, while cornstarch has no obvious taste.

The potato starch processing machine is mainly composed of three parts: the fresh potato cleaning area, the potato starch processing area and the final potato starch drying and packaging area. The following is a detailed introduction of the potato starch processing machine used in these three parts.

1. Fresh potato cleaning machine system

Mainly used potato cleaning dry sieve and rotary cleaning machine and blade cleaning machine

Dry sieve is mainly used to remove sand, impurities and dirt on the surface of potatoes. Usually, the dry sieve will produce a lot of fresh potato impurities when working, so our company's professional engineers recommend that the machine be installed outside the workshop.

b. Rotary cleaning machine

The potato cleaning machine uses water to clean fresh potatoes. The main washing is carried out in the drum washing unit, but it also has the function of removing small stones.

2. Potato starch processing section

The main potato starch processing machines used are crushers, pulverizers, centrifugal screens, fine fiber screens, desanders, hydrocyclone stations, etc.

After the potatoes are washed, they are transported to the storage hopper, and then transported to the crusher and grinder to be crushed into potato slurry. The potato crushing rate can be as high as 95%. The special potato crusher is designed by our professional engineers with 30 years of experience and imported international technology, which can reach a crushing rate of 95%.

Then, the potato slurry is pumped to a horizontal centrifugal screen to separate starch and fiber.

b. Centrifugal screen

Centrifugal screen is a main unit machine of potato starch processing machinery, mainly used to extract starch from tubers according to the working principle of backwashing. According to the working method of backwashing, the extraction of starch starts from the last stage and then to the first stage. In this way, the clean water is always mixed with the starch in the final stage to ensure that no impurities are mixed in the starch slurry. From the first stage to the last

Collect the fiber in stages, which will ensure the good quality of potato starch and make the internal fiber of potato starch slurry less.

C. Sand removal machine

After the starch is extracted, the starch slurry is first pumped to a sand removal machine, where the sand is collected in a collection container and discharged regularly.

d. Hydrocyclone is used for the concentration and purification of potato starch

The hydrocyclone station is a potato starch processing machine with three functions: washing, refining and recycling. The raw starch milk is first washed in the first two washing cyclones, then refined in the refining hydrocyclones, and finally coarsened in the latter two or three recovery hydrocyclones. After this process, the starch slurry will have a white color.

3. Starch Dry Packaging Department

Potato starch processing machines include vacuum filters, rapid dryers and packaging machines.

Vacuum filter

Potato starch is a larger molecule than tapioca starch, so a vacuum filter is usually used to dehydrate the potato starch. The potato starch processing machine can effectively dehydrate wet starch milk to a moisture content of about 38% to 40%

b. Flash dryer

After the starch milk is mechanically dehydrated through a vacuum filter, the wet starch is transported to the inlet of the flash dryer. In this potato starch processing machine, the potato starch cake will be dried to commercial grade moisture, which is about 18% moisture. You can choose a starch sieve to sieve starch to control the fineness of potato starch. Finally, the potato starch is packed into 25-50 kg/bag,

The above is a detailed description of the potato starch processing flow chart, covering the main potato starch processing machines used. Usually, it takes about 15-30 minutes from the potato cleaning part to the final starch packaging part, which can prevent the potato starch from being exposed to the air for a long time and be contaminated, thereby ensuring the quality of the potato starch produced. If you want to know potato starch

The price of the processing machine, welcome to leave us a message, our sales manager will contact you and quote you.

 The particle size of different varieties of potato starch is also different. Under normal circumstances, the particle size of potato starch is generally 35-105μm. The ellipse is generally potato starch with large particle size, and the round one is potato starch with small particle size. Given certain nutritional conditions and environmental factors, the particle size of potato starch will undergo a series of changes, which will result in comparison with oat starch, purple potato starch and

The grain size of wheat starch must be large.

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