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introduce of Cassava starch processing machine

Internationally, cassava starch processing started early, with advanced technology and large-scale production. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the cassava starch industry is very prosperous; Thailand is the country with the highest cassava starch processing output in the world; in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, some large-scale modern processing enterprises have been established to produce cassava starch. In China, the cassava starch processing industry started

In the 1950s, according to current production technology, per ton of starch consumed about 3.9 tons of cassava, water consumption of 15m3, electricity consumption of about 150kwh, consumption of standard coal 0.1 to 0.12 tons. The cassava modified starch industry started in the late 1980s. At present, the annual output of cassava modified starch in my country has reached 300,000 tons, which is mainly used in industrial sectors such as papermaking, textiles, food, feed, and building materials.


Our company's cassava starch processing machine is mainly used to extract starch from fresh tapioca. These cassava starch processing machines first clean the impurities attached to the cassava, then grind the cassava into a pulp, and then separate the fiber, protein and other impurities in the cassava pulp to obtain a pure starch liquid, and finally dehydrate and dry the starch. To obtain the required high-quality tapioca starch.

The complete set of cassava starch processing equipment includes raw material warehouse, round cage cleaning, paddle washing machine, cutting machine, centrifugal screen, fine fiber screen, desander, hydrocyclone station, scraper centrifuge and rapid dryer.

(1) Round cage cleaning dry screen:

Function: Clean cassava. First use a dry sieve to remove impurities from the harvested cassava tubers, such as stems and leaves, dirt, sand, weeds, stones, and roots on the surface of the cassava tubers. During the dry screening process, no water is required. And adding this cassava starch processing machine as the first stage of cassava cleaning can save the water consumption of cassava processing plants.

(2) Paddle washing machine:

Function: further wash the cassava. After cleaning, a paddle washing machine is used to remove the mud, peel and other impurities from the cassava tubers, and water is needed. The cassava starch processing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing. Under the action of the rotation of the blades, the cassava tubers flow against the water, so that the washing process is thorough and the sand and mud are effectively removed.

(3) Cutting machine:

Function: Cut the cassava cubes into small pieces. Cassava tubers are usually large and irregular in shape. Therefore, in the production process of the cassava starch processing machine, the cassava tubers should be cut into small pieces with a cutting machine, and then further crushed, which can not only reduce the pressure of the cassava flour, but also help to fully crush the cassava.

(4) Powerful crushing

Function: completely broken. Rasper is an efficient cassava grater that can completely destroy the structure of cassava, so tiny starch granules can be broken down and separated from the cassava tuber. The cassava starch processing machine uses water as the medium and can completely crush the cassava into pulp by high-speed rotation. This is the most advanced cassava grater with a crushing rate of over 94%. Ground starch slurry can be

To pass the 1.2-1.4 mm mesh.

(5) Centrifugal screen and fine fiber screen:

Function: Separate fiber from starch slurry. In this step, the crushed starch slurry needs to be sieved to separate the fibers from the starch slurry. Large fibers are removed by using a centrifugal screen, and fine fibers are further removed through a fine fiber screen. These two cassava starch processing machines are mainly for the purpose of separating and purifying starch. Usually use multiple separation and countercurrent washing methods, and

After separation, the fiber impurity content in the starch slurry is less than 0.05%.

(6) Sand cleaning machine:

Function: Remove sand in starch slurry, improve starch cleanliness and purity. According to the principle of gravity separation, the starch slurry is fed into the cyclone separator through a pressure pump, where the bottom flow removes the sand, and the starch slurry flows through the top to achieve the purpose of removing sand.

(7) Hydrocyclone:

Function: washing, concentrating and refining starch slurry. The tapioca starch processing machine used in this step is a hydrocyclone system, which mainly separates insoluble protein, residual soluble protein, fine fiber and other impurities, and obtains starch slurry with higher purity. It uses water to separate impurities from the different specific gravity of starch and yellow pulp protein. sda uses an 18-stage hydrocyclone system to realize the washing, refining and concentration functions of starch slurry. The liquid produced after this process is called starch milk, which is pure white.

(8) Dewatering machine

Function: Dehydrate starch milk to promote drying. The starch slurry is dehydrated to reach the moisture content required for drying (less than 40%), and after passing through the sda starch dehydrator, the moisture content of tapioca starch can reach 38%.

(9) Airflow collision dryer:

Function: Dry starch meets international standards. The wet material enters the drying pipe from the raw material conveyor and is mixed with the heated high-speed fresh air. In the drying tube of the tapioca starch processing machine, high-speed hot air dries the starch to the required moisture through heat exchange. The moisture content of the produced tapioca starch is 10%-15%.

The complete tapioca starch processing machine manufactured by sda can automatically complete the whole process of cleaning, crushing, separation, purification, concentration and refinement, dehydration, drying and packaging. The production line has the following characteristics:

(1) High degree of automation, it can automatically complete the entire production process from cassava tubers to cleaning to finished dry starch production, with low labor intensity.

(2) The material of the cassava starch processing machine is mainly made of stainless steel to ensure a hygienic environment and prevent starch contamination.

(3) High-yield and high-quality, using international processing technology and equipment, high starch extraction rate, high starch yield, and higher quality of finished dry starch.

(4) The processing time is short, it only takes 10-15 minutes to process the cassava tuber into starch.

sda is a professional manufacturer of starch processing machines, and our starch processing equipment engineers have more than 30 years of experience. We can provide tapioca starch processing machines with different production scales: for example, the daily output of tapioca starch is 12 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, etc. If you want to buy a tapioca starch processing machine or start a tapioca starch project, welcome to contact us.

sda engineers can not only provide you with a detailed list of cassava starch processing machines, but also provide equipment customization services, factory plans, technical support, etc. according to your needs.

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