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Several ways of deep processing of cassava

Several ways of deep processing of cassava - Cassava starch machine and cassava flour processing machine

Different types of cassava have different uses. It can be made into Chinese medicine, starch, cassava tea, etc. Among them, the root of powdered cassava contains more abundant starch, which is usually used as the raw material for extracting cassava starch, and is also processed into cassava powder; firewood cassava contains more isoflavone compounds and cassava than powdered cassava, which has a certain effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and is more used as a Chinese medicine.

There are mainly three ways to deep process cassava:

1. Cassava starch

Cassava starch is contained in cassava and extracted from cassava tubers. There are currently two ways to extract starch: traditional manual extraction and mechanized processing. In the process of cassava starch extraction, it is necessary to fully retain the unique effective ingredients such as cassava flavonoids, and also retain the unique fragrance of cassava. Relying on traditional manual extraction methods, due to the backward processing methods and the simple equipment used, the crushing and filtration are not sufficient and thorough, not only can the effective ingredients not be retained, but also the mud and sand are not completely removed, and the taste quality is not up to standard.

Fully automatic cassava starch processing equipment, highly mechanized operation. All sections: cleaning - crushing - filtering - concentration and refining - vacuum dehydration - drying - packaging, intelligent mechanized control, strong cleaning force, fine crushing and filtering, thorough removal of fine sand, full retention of nutrients and effective ingredients, to ensure the appearance and taste of cassava starch without bad taste and earthy smell, and high quality.


2. Cassava whole flour

Different from starch processing, whole flour refers to the fine granular, flake or powder products obtained by washing, peeling, selecting, slicing (dicing), drying, crushing, screening and other processes of fresh root crops, collectively referred to as whole flour. All dry matter, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, etc., except for the peeling of root crops, are retained. (The processing principles of sweet potato whole flour, potato whole flour and cassava whole flour are the same)

It should be noted that wild kudzu cannot be made into whole flour, but kudzu can be processed into whole flour.

3. Ge Ding Tea

Because cassava has the medicinal effects of relieving fever, promoting body fluid, clearing rashes, and raising yang to stop diarrhea. It can regulate human functions, strengthen physical fitness, improve the body's disease resistance, and resist aging and prolong life. As a Chinese herbal medicine with excellent efficacy, in addition to being used as medicine, it can also be processed into slices and dices for tea. The processing steps are simple: washing - dicing - drying.

Drinking Ge Ding tea regularly can prevent high blood pressure, lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, and protect the human cardiovascular system; cassava total flavonoids and cassava are natural anti-cancer ingredients that can prevent and treat cancer; increase coronary circulation, treat arrhythmias, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

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