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cassava chips cutting machine and garri processing machine

Video of different cassava chips cutting machine-The video of garri processing machine


Different cassava slicers.

The first is the mini cassava cutter, which is mainly used by small farmers.

The second is to make an old-fashioned small cassava slicer. It also has the characteristics of simple use, small footprint and low cost.

The third is a cassava slice and peeler. The cassava is first cleaned with a dry sieve, and then cut into thin slices with this machine. As shown in the video, the cassava chips produced are cleaner.

The final cassava chipping machine is a new design machine being made. Compared with the above-mentioned machine, it is not only efficient, but also can cut cassava into wood chips of uniform thickness.

As a professional manufacturer of cassava processing machines, we can provide you with small and large cassava cutting machines according to your requirements. If necessary, please leave us a message.


Garri is an important product of cassava processing and is very popular in West and Central Africa because it is cheaper than other carbohydrate sources (especially rice and corn). Traditional garri processing is usually hand-made or simple self-made equipment, which not only has low efficiency and high waste rate, but also produces garri of low quality and cannot meet modern food quality requirements. Therefore, the production of modern mechanical garri processing plants began to replace traditional manual production.

Garri processing is generally divided into washing, peeling, grinding, dehydrating and frying. The required Garry processing plant mainly includes dry screen, paddle washing machine, cassava peeler, cassava grater, hydraulic press and Gary fryer.

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