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cassava peeling and washing milling machine

Trial run of cassava peeling and washing machine for Malaysian client-Cassava milling machine rasper for cassava starch processing machine


Generally, for cassava deep processing, the first step is cassava crushing, and the function of cassava mill is to crush cassava. After processing by cassava mill, we can obtain cassava flour slurry, which is widely used in cassava starch The extraction and production of cassava flour can also be used for garri production.

Different from the traditional hammer type cassava crusher, the cassava mill can obtain a finer crushing effect. It can be used for the extraction of cassava starch, which can fully destroy the cell wall and fiber, and completely release the starch, thereby increasing the yield of starch. It is worth mentioning It shows that our technology can make the extraction rate of tapioca starch exceed 94%. For the production of tapioca starch/flour and g, the tapioca flour mill can obtain more delicate tapioca flour, which makes the taste of tapioca starch and flour better.

In order to let Malaysian customers fully understand our cassava peeling and washing machine, our sales manager specially showed our factory to our customers. [Related reading: Malaysian customers came to test the cassava peeling machine. Malaysian customers finally saw our cassava peeling washing machine in person. The trial production of cassava peeling and washing machine is carried out in the factory. Malaysian customers are satisfied with the effect of cassava peeling and washing machine. The company's cassava peeling washing machine can peel 4 tons of cassava per hour. high efficiency. We also have small capacity cassava peeling and washing machines for your choice. As you can see, peeled cassava works well.

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