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Cassava flour drying machine flash dryer

Cassava flour drying machine flash dryer-How to clean cassava root Dry sieve and cassava paddle washing machine

In the processing of cassava flour, the cassava flour dryer is an important step in the entire production line. Usually, after the cassava flour is dehydrated, the cassava flour cake is crushed with a hammer mill. After crushing the cassava flour, use a cassava flour dryer to dry the cassava flour. Therefore, at this stage, using a professional cassava flour dryer can effectively prevent the flour from gelatinizing and ensure the quality of the flour after drying. Compared with other types of cassava flour dryers, our flash dryers are more professional, dry quickly and evenly, and can guarantee the quality of cassava flour without discoloration.

The working principle of cassava flour dryer:

The cassava flour dryer adopts negative pressure and cooling system. Generally, when adding cassava flour to the drying part, the cassava flour will dry in a short time, and then the cassava flour will pass through the cooling part to ensure the quality of the cassava flour. The drying process is controlled by an interlock system, which can keep the input volume and inlet temperature at an appropriate rate.

In recent years, the global demand for cassava food has been increasing. The cleaning effect of cassava will directly affect the efficiency and quality of cassava. Therefore, the mechanized production of cassava is increasingly important. The video shows the cassava cleaning part, including the cassava dry sieve and wood pulp washing machine. They can be used not only in cassava processing machines, but also in potato starch and sweet potato starch processing machines.

Dry screening machine is the first step in mechanized cassava processing.

The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing. With the rotation of the paddle, the direction of flow between water and cassava is different. The paddles in the machine move the cassava continuously. It can effectively remove sand and dirt in cassava.

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