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Cassava starch processing plant 3D running

Cassava starch processing plant 3D running video-Cassava starch processing machine in Indonesia working video


Operation of cassava starch processing plant. The cassava is first transported to the cassava cleaner by a belt conveyor, and then enters the paddle cleaner to remove impurities. After that, it is transported to a cassava shredder and rasps, cut into small pieces, and then crushed into pulp. The crushed cassava pulp passes through a centrifugal screen, a fine fiber screen, a desander, a disc separator, and a hydrocyclone system in order to remove fiber, sand, protein and other soluble and insoluble impurities in the starch slurry. Then we get the pure starch milk, and then send it to the peeler centrifuge and quick dryer to remove the excess water, thereby obtaining the dried starch. In order to improve the quality of starch, we are also equipped with a starch screening machine to remove large particles, and then pack the final starch into bags for storage.

Shown is the operation of a tapioca starch processing machine. This is an Indonesian project installed by Henan Duning Machinery Company. We also have a tapioca starch processing plant project in Nigeria and a tapioca flour processing plant project in Tanzania. The tapioca starch processing machines shown in this include belt conveyors, dry screens, paddle washing machines, knife grinders, centrifugal screens, fine fiber screens, desanders, hydrocyclone stations, disc separators, and centrifuges , Flash dryer, cassava sieving machine and semi-automatic packaging machine. These cassava starch processing machines have the characteristics of high efficiency, compact structure, high quality, stable and reliable operation, convenient use, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, large workload, high starch extraction rate, and high starch quality. We have been engaged in the production and design of cassava starch processing equipment for decades. We have a complete pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system. Our tapioca starch processing machines have been sold to Nigeria, Tanzania, Liberia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Austria and other countries and are trusted by customers.

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