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Complete cassava flour processing plant full view 3D

Complete cassava flour processing plant full view 3D video-Cassava flour processing plant project installation in Tanzania


This is a complete 3D video of the full view of the cassava flour processing plant. After watching, you will know how to process cassava flour using modern machines. The technological gap has exacerbated many restrictive factors in the processing of cassava flour. The processing of cassava flour is labor-saving and efficient. We also have a professional R&D team, advanced technology, and strong manufacturing capabilities. Therefore, it can break through some limitations of traditional methods in the processing of cassava flour.

Recently completed the cassava flour processing plant project in Tanzania. The video shows that the main cassava flour processing machine has been installed in a cassava flour processing plant in Tanzania. The equipment includes: paddle washing machine, knife sharpener, plate and frame filter press, rapid dryer and vibrating screen. The project of the Tanzanian cassava flour processing plant took more than 2 months. The engineers and sales managers were both in Tanzania during the installation. Soon, this cassava flour processing plant will start operations and it will bring profits to customers.

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