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Corn glucose syrup production plant process

This is one of the glucose syrup production plant projects. The main equipment and glucose production process of the plant are shown in the video. The raw material used in the glucose syrup production plant is corn starch. So far, it has been working for 3 years, running smoothly and having good economic benefits. You can click corn syrup production equipment for more detailed information.


Before answering the question how corn syrup is made, you can see a video which shows all the syrup equipment used for corn syrup. As we all know, cron syrup is made of starch (mainly corn starch). But now that we have new technology, we can directly produce glucose syrup from corn. There is no need to process corn into starch first, and only a corn flour mill is needed to crush corn into corn flour. The production of corn syrup can be subdivided into the following process areas of liquefaction, saccharification and purification. Of course, in addition to these three processes, there are some other details to make a videotape of the production process of corn syrup.

After watching the video, I am proud to tell you that our corn syrup gives you a higher advantage in technology and machinery:

1. Corn syrup is prepared by amylase method, combined with two-stage jet liquefaction technology, and the temperature is controlled in sections to ensure that the corn meal is fully liquefied, completely kills the enzyme, completely denatures the protein, and does not regenerate. Adjust the DE value to 10%-17 %, high starch utilization rate and change rate.

2. The method of vacuum flash heating is used to separate corn husks from leather crumbs under high temperature conditions, ensuring the full separation of protein and fat in the syrup, with a separation rate of over 90%.

3. Adopting activated carbon secondary countercurrent decolorization technology, long adsorption time, strong adsorption capacity of corn syrup protein to filter layer, strong residual fat, color and ash, and strong removal ability of organic impurities in syrup, minimizing reduction The protein and corn syrup have a fatty color effect, which ensures that the product is colorless and has a long shelf life.

4. Two-degree ion exchange column is used for the purification of corn syrup to completely remove ash and ions to obtain high-purity corn syrup. This ion exchange column also shows you a video of corn syrup.

5. Our corn syrup manufacturing technology is equipped with a full-line water and steam recovery design, which can save your water and energy and reduce costs.

6. Under the same corn syrup production capacity, the total investment in the corn syrup production line provided by the company is only one third of the traditional production method.

In summary, our corn syrup video production method can also show you our processing capabilities and advanced technology.

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