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Syrup preparation process

Syrup preparation process requests processional whole set of equipments, following is the details description of our syrup preparation process, and the equipments used for syrup preparation, also attached with a video, the raw material is starch as an example:


1] Mixing process: use dedicated mixing tank to mix starch with water, adjust PH value and temperature, we can get a suitable syrup liquid for next process, this is the first step also foundation in syrup preparation process.

2] Liquefaction process: starch liquid liquefaction process is adopt the liquefaction tank to liquefying the starch reach to a proper viscosity, increase the solubility of starch, make the starch liquid from a viscous semisolid state change to a liquid solution state.

3] Deproteinization process: as its name, this section's function to remove the protein from starch liquid, mainly adopt plate and frame filter press to complete,  Company plate and frame filter cloth is stable, fine pore diameter, best for syrup preparation, more than 90% of the protein and fat can be completely separated.

4] Saccharification process: pump the liquefied liquid (this time, the solid content is 30%-35%) to saccharification tank, add glucoamylase to make saccharification process, this is the most important section of syrup preparation process, this section performance decided the final syrup products quality, better performance, better taste and flavor.

5] Decolorization and decarburization process: also used plate and frame filter press machine to prepare, the purpose is to get colorless and transparent syrup products. Its process working principle is activated carbon adsorption. Next use plate and frame filter again to remove carbon.

6] Ion exchange system: use ion exchange column to remove all ions include calcium and magnesium ions, negative ions and others. After this, we can get pure syrup liquid, the ion exchange resin can be regeneration easily. This ion exchange system also an important part of syrup preparation process.

7] Evaporation & Concentration: this syrup preparation process is to evaporate the excess moisture, process the syrup liquid to reach a requests concentration. We own different model evaportor suitable for different syrup concentration requests, you just need to tell us your requests for final syrup, we can suggest you best evaporator. Of course, we also can make syrup preparation process plan for you, equipped with advanced syrup preparation equipments.

8] Syrup storage: suggest you adopt  Company full food grade stainless steel syrup storage tank, convenient for following syrup package and delivery. Because syrup preparation process is continuously, equipped with a syrup storage tank is better.

To sum up, this is the introduction of our syrup preparation process, more details, you can contact us and discuss with our engineers.  Company syrup preparation process and syrup equipments with advantages&features on the following:

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