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The introduction of automatic garri frying machine

The introduction of automatic garri frying machine

The garri fryer is used for automatic garri frying. It is a very popular stand-alone machine in Nigeria. The following is a detailed introduction of the automatic g fryer.

The introduction of automatic garri frying machine-processing garri from cassava-how to process garri from cassava.jpg

The structure of garri automatic fryer:

1. Stainless steel frame. The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and meet the food safety requirements.

2. Mixing system.

3. Heating system.

4. Power system.

1. Mixing system

Using "scraping bottom" mixing and stirring. The stirring shaft includes a large shaft and a small shaft. The large shaft runs around the center of the automatic garri fryer, the small shaft rotates, and the two stirring shafts rotate at different speeds. It can prevent the material from sticking to the pan and make the raw material evenly fried.

2. Heating system

The circulating oil circuit design can make the temperature rise quickly and save energy. It has a large heating area and high thermal efficiency. In addition, there is a dedicated observation port for observing the frying process on the fryer for easy monitoring.

3. Power system

The use of electrical control system reduces labor and improves production efficiency. The automatic fryer adopts a frequency converter to adjust the power. The stirring speed and temperature can be adjusted through the power system.

Technical Parameters:

Model diameter (mm) depth (mm) stirring power (kw) capacity (kg / h)

DYC-300 1000 390 1.5 40

DYC-400 1000 420 1.5 60

DYC-500 1000 450 1.5 100

DYC-600 1000 450 3150 

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