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Fully mechanized sweet potato, potato, cassava, pueraria starch processing

Fully automatic mechanized starch processing process: sweet potato potato cassava pueraria silo-sweet potato potato cassava pueraria spiral conveyor cleaning machine-sweet potato potato cassava pueraria root cleaning equipment-sweet potato potato cassava pueraria paddle blade cleaning equipment-sweet potato potato cassava pueraria vertical pulp Residue separation sieve or round sieve-Sweet potato potato cassava kudzu koji network extrusion type flour mill-sweet potato potato cassava kudzu net fine filtering equipment-starch desander-starch microfiltration machine-starch refining and concentrating system equipment-starch vacuum dehydration machine- Starch Air Collision Dryer

1. Sweet potato potato cassava kudzu root cleaning stage

The cleaning is mainly to remove the sediment from the outer skin layer of sweet potato potato cassava kudzu root, and to remove the skin of sweet potato potato cassava kudzu root. The cleaning of sweet potato potato cassava kudzu root is very important to ensure the quality of starch. The cleaner the cleaning, the better the starch quality The better, the more pure the starch


cassava starch processing machines

2.Sweet potato potato cassava kudzu root crushing stage

 Sweet potato potato cassava pueraria starch is mainly stored in the succulent part of the roots, and only a small amount is stored in the endothelium. The purpose of crushing and crushing is to destroy the tissue structure of the sweet potato potato cassava, so that the tiny starch particles can be smoothly separated from the roots and separated from the cells The released starch is called free starch; what remains in the cells inside the residue is called bound starch.

Crushing is one of the most important processes in the processing of fresh potatoes. It is related to the yield of fresh potatoes and the quality of starch. The requirements for crushing are:

⒈ rupture the cells of fresh potatoes as much as possible, releasing more free starch particles;

⒉ Easy to separate. It is not expected that the skin dregs are too fine, and the skin dregs are not good for the separation of starch from other ingredients. Crushing and crushing too fine leaves is not good, it will destroy starch particles and increase the difficulty of separating fine dregs.

33 Sweet Potato Potato Cassava Pueraria Starch Screening Stage


cassava processing machine

The sweet potato potato cleaning residue is slender fiber, the volume is larger than the starch particle, the expansion coefficient is also larger than the starch particle, and the specific gravity is lighter than the starch particle. The broken pulp is made of water as the medium to make the starch slurry contained in the potato residue water. Filter out further.

4.Sweet potato potato cassava kudzu root cleaning and purification and concentrated essence stage

The specific gravity of mud and sand is greater than that of water, and it is greater than the specific gravity of starch particles. According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the use of cyclone to remove sand can achieve a more ideal effect. The specific gravity of yellow pulp is close to water and is higher than that of starch particles. The specific gravity is light, and its shape is palm-shaped. The longer the processing period, the greater the performance of the glue. Sticking to the sieve and sticking starch particles, it is extremely difficult to separate. Therefore, it requires fresh raw materials, short process flow and timely separation.

5. Basic principles of dehydration

The concentrated starch syrup still contains more water, and it can be dried by further dehydration.

6. Basic principles of drying

The air drying (also called flash drying) generally used in starch factories is completed in an instant, so the moisture inside the starch particles is too late to be gelatinized and dried, so gelatinization or degradation will not occur.

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