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production of high glucose motlose syrup from broken rice starch pdf

The main application in the food industry is candy, followed by fruit processing, beverages, and baking. The role of glucose syrup in candy manufacturing is mainly to control the crystallinity to meet the needs of different types of candy. Low DE (20 ~ 35) syrup is mainly used in coffee production, which is beneficial to the formation of powder particles. In addition, it is also widely used in soy milk, biscuits, bread, cakes and other foods. The 35 ~ 42DE syrup can increase the solid content, improve the solubility of sucrose, and ensure the candy size. It is often mixed with sucrose for hard candy production. 60 ~ 64DE syrup can increase candy's hygroscopicity, softness, reduce viscosity, and inhibit microbial corrosion. It is often used in the production of gum and fudge.


Candied fruit is an important product in fruit processing. 63DE glucose syrup is used, which has low viscosity and good permeability, and easily penetrates into the flesh or peel space. The use of glucose in fruit processing can increase the taste and aroma of the fruit itself. Recently, products that use alienated sugars to increase their own taste and appropriately adjust their sweetness are becoming more and more popular in the market. Mixing starch sugar with granulated sugar can supplement the lack of granulated sugar. For example, granulated sugar is used in acidic foods, and some of the granulated sugar will be decomposed and the sweetness will change. However, the sweetness is more perfect when it is added and mixed with starch sugar that is more stable to acidity.

Glucose syrup has two functions in alcoholic beverages. One is to control suspension, viscosity and sweetness. Second, as a source of fermented carbohydrates, a high DE value glucose syrup should be selected and added after fermentation or distillation and extraction.

Glucose syrup is widely used in the baking industry, it can control the rheological properties of the product, and reducing sugar can improve the browning reaction of bread crust. The oligosaccharides in the syrup can control the structure of the product, and the high DE value glucose syrup can make the cake absorb water to prevent drying and prolong the shelf life.

Glucose syrup is used in the production of ice cream, which can control the softness, crystal formation and freezing point of the product, make the product smooth, no ice is produced, the sweetness is suitable, and the flavor is not covered.

The application of glucose syrup in the field of pharmaceutical industry includes as a raw material for the production of antibiotics, as a sugar coating for pills, and as a carrier for cough fluid with sucrose.

Maltose syrup is mainly used in food technology, especially the confectionery industry. Maltose has a sweetness of only 30 to 40% of sucrose, no aftertaste at the mouth, good preservative and thermal stability, low hygroscopicity, low solubility in water, and special physiological functions in the human body. The high-malt syrup is used to replace the hard candy made from starch syrup produced by acid hydrolysis. Not only is the sweetness soft, the product is not easy to color, the transparency is high, and it has good sand resistance and moth resistance. The use of high maltose syrup to replace part of sucrose to make chewing gum, bubble gum, etc. can significantly improve the suitability and flavor stability of the product. High maltose syrup contains very few proteins, amino acids and other substances that can react with sugars in Maillard reaction, and has good thermal stability. It is suitable for making sugar by vacuum film method and casting method when making candy. The anti-crystallization property of maltose syrup is used to prevent the precipitation of sucrose crystals when making jams and jellies. Biscuits and malted milk made from high-maltose syrup's low hygroscopicity and mild sweetness can extend the shelf life of the product and easily remain crispy.

In addition, high maltose syrup is also used as a color stabilizer, fat absorbent, carbon source in beer brewing, bread baking, and fermentation of soft antibiotics. High-purity maltose can be made into a pharmaceutical injection instead of glucose, and it can also be made of isomalttooligosaccharide. It is a functional oligosaccharide that can promote the growth of bifidobacteria.

1. Starch milk preparation: the starch milk or dried starch from the starch factory is added to a certain amount of water to adjust its concentration to 31-34%, and the appropriate temperature and pH value are controlled, and then a certain amount of liquefaction enzyme is added, Then go to the next section.

2. Liquefaction: Pass the prepared starch milk through a high-pressure ejector and maintain it for a certain period of time to fully hydrolyze and liquefy the starch molecules.

3. Saccharification: After the liquefied material is adjusted to the temperature and pH, the reaction is kept for a certain period of time under the action of saccharifying enzyme to obtain the saccharified solution with the required DE value.

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