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high fructose corn syrup processing

Application of liquid glucose

I. Application in candy Liquid glucose has mild and moderate sweetness, good anti-crystallization, oxidation resistance, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, and is widely used in the candy industry.


Second, liquid glucose has a high viscosity, and can be used in canned fruits, fruit drinks and edible syrup to improve the consistency and palatability of the product.

3. Liquid glucose has high hygroscopicity. It is used in fudge, bread, and pastry foods to keep the product soft, improve the taste of the product, and extend the shelf life.

Fourth, liquid glucose has the advantages of anti-crystallization and low freezing point. It is used in the production of cold drinks to improve the taste of the product and the quality of the product.

5. Due to the high osmotic pressure of liquid glucose and high sweetness, it is used as a sweetener in preserved fruits, candied fruits, jams, canned fruit juices and cream foods. It has the advantages of long shelf life and difficult to change product taste.

Corn syrup can be divided into glucose syrup and maltose syrup. Glucose syrup is mainly used in the food industry, accounting for 95% of the total consumption. The non-food industry accounts for only 5%, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.

The main application in the food industry is candy, followed by fruit processing, beverages, and baking. The role of glucose syrup in candy manufacturing is mainly to control the crystallinity to meet the needs of different types of candy. Low DE (20 ~ 35) syrup is mainly used in coffee production, which is beneficial to the formation of powder particles. In addition, it is also widely used in soy milk, biscuits, bread, cakes and other foods. The 35 ~ 42DE syrup can increase the solid content, improve the solubility of sucrose, and ensure the candy size. It is often mixed with sucrose for hard candy production. 60 ~ 64DE syrup can increase candy's hygroscopicity, softness, reduce viscosity, and inhibit microbial corrosion. It is often used in the production of gum and fudge.

Candied fruit is an important product in fruit processing. 63DE glucose syrup is used, which has low viscosity and good permeability, and easily penetrates into the flesh or peel space. The use of glucose in fruit processing can increase the taste and aroma of the fruit itself. Recently, products that use alienated sugars to increase their own taste and appropriately adjust their sweetness are becoming more and more popular in the market. Mixing starch sugar with granulated sugar can supplement the lack of granulated sugar. For example, granulated sugar is used in acidic foods, and some of the granulated sugar will be decomposed and the sweetness will change. However, the sweetness is more perfect when it is added and mixed with starch sugar that is more stable to acidity.

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