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Select the direction of cassava starch processing machine

Select the direction of cassava starch processing machine, and select the cassava starch equipment and machines that are suitable for you

Equipment and process of rotational flow wet tapioca starch production line

The process of cassava starch equipment is divided into sedimentation tank and cyclone process. The quality of starch processed by different processes has a direct impact. The cyclone process of cassava starch is a fully automatic production process, with a good process of impurity removal and purification of starch slurry, so the starch obtained is relatively correct. However, the early investment cost of fully automatic cassava starch equipment is high, but the processing cost is low, there are fewer places than semi-automatic users, the starch quality is good, and the economic return is high; On the contrary, cassava starch equipment with semi-automatic process has low initial investment cost but high operation cost.


In many places, cassava is planted in large areas. The harvest of cassava is concentrated. However, if cassava is harvested for long-term storage, a cold cellar should be designed for cassava. However, cassava starch can be easily stored by making cassava into cassava starch. To select cassava starch equipment, Kaifeng Sida will provide you with some suggestions.

1. The cassava starch equipment should consider stable and safe production

For cassava starch processing equipment, it is generally a large-scale production line. For large-scale starch processing equipment, it is necessary to consider the safety guarantee, protective design and emergency braking device, to ensure the safety of cassava starch equipment operators, and to avoid accidents during the production process.

2. Cassava starch equipment shall select processing capacity according to cassava output

It is more necessary to determine the cassava starch processing equipment with large processing capacity based on cassava processing output. Different starch production companies have different annual cassava starch output plans. Do not blindly pursue equipment with high output and high configuration. It is good to have cassava starch equipment that is suitable for you. If the processing capacity is too large, the equipment will be idle for a longer time. If the equipment with small yield of cassava is selected, the pressure on production will be increased, and the cassava will be damaged, causing certain losses. Kaifeng Sida recommends that you select equipment according to the amount of cassava you need to process.

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