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potato starch processing machine impurity filtering machine

Potato starch machine (potato starch processing machine) impurity filtering machine

The potato starch processing machine will be equipped with multiple impurity removal machines. The impurity removal machines configured in the previous cleaning stage include the drum cleaner, and the impurity removal machines configured in the middle starch purification stage include the centrifugal screen, cyclone, desander, etc.

  1. The starch slurry remover in potato starch machine includes vertical horizontal centrifugal screen and cyclone. The vertical centrifugal screen is mainly used to separate the fiber and starch particles according to the different weights of the fiber and starch in the starch slurry, remove the fiber, and provide the whiteness and purity of the starch; The hydrocyclone is used to separate the material particles in the starch milk through different specific gravity, refine and wash the starch milk, and obtain potato starch with good purity. Vertical centrifugal screen and starch cyclone are multi-stage configuration in potato starch machine.


2. The impurity remover in the front cleaning section of potato starch processing machine is a drum cleaner, which is mainly used to remove the sediment and dust on the surface of potatoes and stones mixed in the middle pulled from the ground, so as to reduce the stability of follow-up work and the impurity content of finished starch. The roller washer is specially designed for countercurrent cleaning, which can increase the friction between water and raw materials and improve the cleaning effect.

3. The desander is used to remove the fine sand contained in the coarse starch slurry after the potato starch machine filtration section.

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