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price list of yam flour machineries in nigeria

yam flour processing machine-price list of yam flour machineries in nigeria


Mechanized yam starch processing needs to clean the raw materials, and then transport the cleaned raw materials to a pulverizer for crushing and extraction of starch. The multi-level cleaning system ensures that the raw materials are cleaned in place during processing and fully removes the sand, mixed leaves, branches, grass, and woven bag residues on the surface. It not only helps to increase the starch extraction rate, but also greatly reduces the difficulty of subsequent starch purification and filtration. At the same time, the hidden danger of equipment failure caused by damage to the equipment is removed.

Especially for large-scale starch processing enterprises, cleaning is more necessary. Due to the large amount of raw materials, at least 10 tons or more, and the surface of the raw materials with more dirt, sand and gravel impurities, it generally requires 2-3 times of cleaning by different means to achieve the purpose of effective cleaning. So what kind of cleaning equipment are there for yam starch machine? How should users choose?

1. Dry clean without water, the first step of cleaning

25-meter spiral conveying, gravity-circular motion, during the process of conveying and advancing, the friction between the potato pieces meets the requirements of removing the surface sediment, reducing the subsequent cleaning pressure and reducing the water consumption in the cleaning process.

2. Oblique squirrel cage cleaning, soaking and drenching multi-function

30° inclination angle spiral lifting transmission, with transmission function. Soak and soften the sand layer first, then rinse and rinse, long-distance cleaning, higher clarity.

3. De-stone cleaning, remove heavy stone debris

Using the principle of specific gravity to remove stones and other hard granular impurities in the material, ensure the stability of subsequent processing, avoid foreign matter entering the machine, and equipment shutdown failure. This cleaning method has strong washing strength, high cleanliness, strong durability, and continuous processing.

4. Knead and wash, necessary for strong cleaning

Using the principle of bionics, it integrates cleaning methods such as stirring, friction, rubbing, impact, throwing, etc., to forcefully clean up the sand at the bud eye and crack dead corner. The paddle-type stirring in the machine can be adjusted in multiple directions, and the effect is obvious in many cleaning equipment. Especially suitable for cleaning Pueraria lobata and plantain taro.

5. Quantitative conveying and cleaning, both with lifting function

More is used for quantitative conveying and lifting of raw materials. The rotation of the auger is driven by the central shaft to convey the potato pieces in the axial direction.

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