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3 types of yam and cassava crushers for yam and cassava production line

3 types of yam and cassava crushers for yam and cassava production line


In the yam and cassava processing production line, it is necessary to use a yam and cassava crusher to fully crush the yam and cassava raw materials so that the starch particles are freely released, and finally starch is obtained. There are 3 types of yam and cassava crushers in SDA, mainly including hammer crushers, wood mills and yam and cassava grinders. Of course, different yam and cassava crushers are different in many aspects. Next, introduce three types of yam and cassava in the yam and cassava processing line


Hammer crusher: can be used to crush roots, such as yam and cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. Mainly used for the crushing of wet yam and cassava powder in the yam and cassava powder production line.

Hammer crusher is a device that uses high-speed rotating blades to crush raw materials. It is mainly composed of a shell, a reducer, a motor, and a rotating tool holder. The characteristics of the hammer crusher: reasonable design, low energy consumption, large output, sufficient crushing and convenient maintenance.

It has a compact structure, which is high speed and has a high raw material grinding coefficient. It can easily break down raw cells and release starch. SDA's sandpaper can realize bidirectional crushing, with large processing capacity and high crushing rate. It is easy to replace the bottom net, easy to install and operate. The file is also equipped with Swedish SKF bearings and German belts, which are durable.

yam and cassava powder mill: also known as starch separator, is an all-in-one machine for crushing, separating and filtering raw materials. Especially suitable for farmers' scattered processing and small processing production lines. Suitable for customers with small planting area or limited budget.

yam and cassava grinding equipment is mainly composed of machine body, drum, main shaft, base, filter and so on. SDA's yam and cassava mill has simple structure, reasonable layout, small footprint, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine grinding and slag separation at one time, and there is no starch discoloration caused by artificial production. There is no slag skin, slag lump and small substances in the slag. Pulp and wood

The drum of the potato flour mill works with water to shorten the oxidation reaction of raw materials in the air and increase the whiteness of the finished starch. The slag slurry separation rate of the yam and cassava mill is over 98%, and the residue rate is about 2%.

These are three types of yam and cassava crushers in the yam and cassava production line. For many investors, choosing the right yam and cassava crusher is very necessary. SDA engineers can recommend suitable yam and cassava grinders according to your needs. In addition, if you are interested in a complete yam and cassava processing line, please contact us.

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