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What is a cassava flour mill

What is a cassava flour mill?

Kaifeng Sida Starch Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer. Kaifeng Star Equipment Co., Ltd. exports its machines to many countries, with continuous technological innovation. We are proud of our reputation for innovative and reliable product quality and personalized service for all customers. The cassava flour mill mainly processes cassava flour into flour.

What is a cassava flour mill?


cassava flour milling machine

Cassava flour mill

Dry sieve-paddle washing machine-cassava cutting machine-cassava plate-plate and frame filter press-flash dryer-shift sieve-automatic packaging machine

The processing schedule of cassava flour is cassava tuber-washing-washing-crushing-dehydration-drying-sieving-packaging.

Introduction of cassava flour mill:

1. Dry sieve

This is the first machine in the cassava flour mill, used in the cleaning process. Dry sieves are widely used to remove dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other large impurities on cassava. It has the following advantages: simple structure, easy maintenance and low power consumption.

2. Paddle washing machine

Its function is to further clean the cassava and remove the skin. The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing. Through the rotation of the blades, the cassava flows in the opposite direction against the water flow, thus thoroughly washing and effectively removing sand and mud.

3. Cassava shredder

It is used for pre-crushing of cassava. After cleaning, use a cassava shredder to cut the cassava into small pieces, which can not only reduce the pressure of the cassava flour, extend the service life of the machine, but also increase the extraction rate of the cassava flour.

4. Stronger

It is widely used to crush cassava chunks into pulp. The machine has a high rasp rate and can completely crush cassava pieces. Moreover, it has absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad, and adopted Swedish SKF bearings and German Optibelt.

5. Plate and frame filter press

Plate and frame filter press is an effective dehydration equipment in cassava flour mill. The cassava pulp is transported to the plate and frame filter press for dehydration. It can realize highly automated automatic pressing, filtering, draining, squeezing, loosening, etc.

6. Flash dryer

The flash dryer is a machine used for drying cassava flour in a cassava flour mill. The whole system adopts negative pressure, which can effectively increase the loss of flour and purify the working environment.

7. Shift screen

Before packaging, a shift screen should be used to separate particles of different sizes.

8. Automatic packaging machine

The bag can be weighed and packed after installation. The weight of the scale is 1-5kg and 5-50kg. This cassava flour processing machine can greatly improve work efficiency and ensure the weight tolerance accuracy of packaging.

To sum up, these are all tapioca flour mills. They are all automatic. The use of automatic cassava flour mill will undoubtedly maximize the production capacity of cassava flour and provide higher quality final flour.

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