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sweet potato starch processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : Starch production of cassavacassava root
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Sweet potato starch machine

The sweet potato starch machine is suitable for processing raw material sweet potato, purple potato and other root plants. Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, starch, vitamins, trace elements (selenium, iron, calcium, potassium, etc.), anthocyanins, glycoproteins, carotene, dehydroepiandrosterone (sterone) and other functional factors. Anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, enhance memory, prevent high blood pressure, repair myocardium, reduce liver mechanism

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Sweet potato starch machine

Dysfunction, enhance body immunity and other functions

Sweet potato starch machine is used to produce sweet potato starch. These machines include washing unit, crushing unit, refining unit, drying unit, packaging unit, etc.

Sweet potato starch processing mainly includes cleaning, coarse grinding,

cleaning supplies

Screening, degreasing, purification, drying and packaging.

Dry sieve: Dry sieve is mainly used to remove dirt, sand or other impurities attached to the surface of sweet potatoes before cleaning.

Rotary washing machine: Sweet potatoes are transported into the rotary washing machine through a belt conveyor. The reason for using a rotary washing machine to clean sweet potatoes in a sweet potato starch machine is the shape of the sweet potatoes. Its shape is always round. However, the design of the rotary cleaning machine is very consistent with the characteristics of sweet potatoes.

Crushing unit

Coarse crushing: After being chopped, the sweet potato is decomposed into a liquid slurry by adding water through a fine crusher, and then starch granules are released from the fiber matrix. The raw material of sweet potato becomes starch slurry, which can be considered as a mixture of slurry (cell wall) and starch. The high-speed rotating blade in the coarse mill ensures the grinding efficiency of sweet potato cells that can fully release starch.


Centrifugal sieve: Separate starch slurry from sweet potato residue to avoid oxidation and browning during the starch extraction process and facilitate the production of white and fine starch. The centrifugal machine can separate the fiber in the starch slurry is the key to the sweet potato starch machine to extract starch.

Fine fiber sieve machine: Then use the fine fiber sieve to remove the fibers that cannot be separated by the centrifugal sieve. After this process, sweet potato starch liquid will become more pure.

Sand removal machine

Desanding: Desanding the starch after coarse grinding and screening. This process determines the taste and quality of the final starch product in the sweet potato starch machine.

Refining unit

Hydrocyclone: When the pressure is at a certain value, the starch slurry enters the hydrocyclone pipe and rotates in it. Therefore, it generates centrifugal force in the hydrocyclone station machinery. The centrifugal force obtained by the higher density is large, and they are discharged from one port. The centrifugal force of relatively low-density protein and water is small. They are excluded from another channel. So achieved

The purpose of separation in hydrocyclone stations.

Scraper centrifuge: In the sweet potato starch production industry, the scraper centrifuge can be used with the vacuum filter to dehydrate the starch slurry in the sweet potato starch machine. By using the peeler centrifuge, the starch production capacity has been increased by 50% and the moisture content has been reduced to 36.5%.

Drying unit

Vacuum filter: Since the starch milk from the hydrocyclone has a high water content, it cannot be dried directly, so the starch milk needs to be dehydrated first. Starch milk enters the vacuum filter tank, and the vacuum pump creates negative pressure in the vacuum drum. When the starch mill contacts the vacuum drum, the starch milk is sucked onto the drum surface, and the filtrate is sucked into the vacuum filter and removed.

Flash dryer: The flash dryer is negative pressure drying, which can instantly evaporate surface moisture. By using high-speed hot air to suspend wet starch in it, sweet potato starch can be dried immediately during the air flow. The wet particulate material is entrained in the hot gas or steam flowing through the insulated pipe. The particles are dried and the temperature of the gas or steam is reduced.

Screen: After drying, something should be done. The sieve is used to separate lumps in the sweet potato starch machine. Get more fine starch in sweet potato starch processing.


Packing machine: This machine can automatically pack, save labor and effort, and is very efficient in the sweet potato starch machine.

In short, the rationality, advancement and stability of the processing technology will also affect the quality of the product. Du Ning Company is committed to the continuous upgrading of machine production technology to provide customers with efficient and high-quality modern sweet potato starch machines. If you want to buy sweet potato starch machine, you can contact me at any time. Our professional engineers will answer your questions at any time.

Sweet potato starch has strong water absorption capacity. Unique skills: making snacks, vermicelli, noodles, etc. Sweet potato starch is darker in color, coarser in particles, and difficult to control the viscosity after gelatinization, so it is mostly used to make Chinese dim sum, such as mountain noodle dumplings. Because of its smooth taste and toughness, it is also very suitable for making vermicelli and noodles. The sweet potato flour that is often used in hot pot is made from it. Sweet potato starch can also be used

For deep-frying, the marinated ribs are coated with coarse-grained sweet potato starch. After frying, the taste is crispy, and the granular skin can stimulate appetite.

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