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35TPH processing capacity potato starch processing plant

Because this potato starch processing plant and our factory are both in South Africa, there is no need to transport them in containers, just a few large trucks. The following is an introduction to the development process of the project:


On 22tn in May 2013, South African customers paid the deposit as soon as possible, the machine's schedule manufacturer.

On September 10, 2013, the equipment was loaded and shipped to our customers. At the same time, our engineer confirmed the installation area of the factory with the customer.

At the end of September, this potato starch processing plant started the installation of its machines.

On December 14, the installation and debugging of the machine was completed, and our engineers returned to the company.

From the video, you can see all the main machines and production processes of the plant. We provide a completely sealed production process for the potato starch processing plant to prevent the starch slurry from being exposed to the air and ensure that the starch extraction process is sufficiently clean. This is the plant The cost range is 300 square meters, and the potato processing capacity is 25 tons per hour. It is a medium-scale potato starch processing plant. All machines from potato washing machines to packaging machines, including automatic control systems and production equipment, are manufactured and installation. The main equipment of the potato starch processing plant includes dry screens, drum cleaners, coarse mills, centrifugal screens, fine fiber screens, vacuum dehydrators and fast dryers. I am proud to tell you that this Jiaozuo potato starch processing plant has used our coarse mill instead of the traditional hammer crusher, which greatly improves the extraction rate of potato starch.

The potato starch processing plant signed a potato procurement contract with farmers to reduce the cost of its raw materials. The source of guanat raw materials is also beneficial to farmers’ potato sales. This is supported by the strong support of the local government, plus the purchase of domestic advanced processing equipment and After the automatic potato starch production line is fixed, the engineer personally goes to the factory to install and debug equipment. Today, the potato starch processing plant is running smoothly, not only achieving high social value, but also creating considerable economic benefits in South Africa.

Working principle of potato starch dryer Drying principle:


(1) The material is transported from the blower to the vortex chamber. After refinement, the heavy material with higher moisture content will rotate at high speed along the outer wall to increase the relative speed, enhance the heat transfer effect, and increase the volumetric heat transfer confidence. Materials containing regular moisture are discharged from the center to the top. The equipment is characterized by large drying capacity, good heat transfer effect and low energy consumption. The height of the plant is 50% lower than the tower starch dryer.

(2) When the wet material and hot air are mixed in the drying tube, they can move in parallel at high speed in two suspended states, collide and dampen vibration. Then they go to the blower to refine. The dry area of the material increases. And improve the thermal efficiency.

The potato starch dryer is not only suitable for the drying of various potato starches, but also for the drying of corn and wheat starches. It is also suitable for drying other heat-sensitive powder or flake materials that require quick drying. The moisture content of the final product reaches 12%-14%. The process configuration and technical parameters of the whole process are strictly controlled according to scientific theory, thus ensuring the high quality of the final product. The flash dryer is made of high-quality stainless steel with fine workmanship, which is an ideal choice for customers.

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